Why People commit suicide in Famous Aokighahara Japanese suicide Forest?

Is there any paranormal energy which influences people to commit suicide?Every year around 200 people die in Japanese Suicide forest…What is the paranormal cause for it…

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While I am not undermining the possiblity of an underlining current that attracts people who wish to die to that place specifically, I think the beauty of that forest has a role to play in why people choose to go their to die. It is quiet, it is fairly isolated, and it gives those who seek to end it something beautiful to spend their last moments looking at. Speaking as someone who has attempted suicide, I could see people who are spiraling and wanting an out deciding to go there to find some peace, one way or another.


It’s probably because the forest is so dense that it can be difficult to find the bodies.

Thats a wide guess and I have no clue if its right but maybe Shugaras current is flowing through it.

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Its a, beacon of death… But that’s not the forests fault ofcourse… Its always these humans

Suicide can turn into a tend literally.

There is also like a famous novel in Japan where the main protagonist kills himself in this forest if I am not mistaken…


The collective consciousness is also assisting to manifest it , just like in bad cities it contributes to crime


Because it’s a beautiful and peaceful place to die.

I heard from somewhere that that novel inpired many of the suicides