Why pathworking might not be such a good idea, after all

Magic is infinite one very powerful power sorce of energy, all the different path working are all different types of keys to different types of magic that taps into the collective current of magic to give you a different experience of different path workings different effects of magic.

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And Kurtis Joseph said approaching the path of smoke as a ceremonial magickian blew up in his face and got him hurt.

Not every system is the same, nor do I believe every entity knows everything. I think they know things about their specialty and, like people, have other as well, but not all


Let’s start from the beginning. Now I know you take an extremely spiritual perspective, and you are superstitious, but let’s look at the truth of the matter:

Magic as a mechanism works the same way regardless of the system. Even E.A. and Asbjorn talk about this. Strip away the symbolism, the trinkets, the mythology, and you have the same core. There are guiding principles that are universal for all magic.

So, this little strawman here


Yes, the symbols, trinkets, mythology, spirits, etc are different, but the core is the same. That’s the point. Maybe you should read more carefully next time.

More superstition.

If you think that way, then of course it won’t work. As someone who attempted Western methods with the Loa and Pagan gods, I can tell you that it works. You’re just imposing limitations on yourself. But, that’s what happens when you read too many grimoires, and texts by other superstitious people.

No offense, but you are far too superstitious and a worrywart. If you would realize that you can do so much more, you wouldn’t be saying such things.

Magic is for the most part subjective. The only thing that’s universal are the core principles which aren’t that many of them.

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And you expect me to take your word for it just like that?

You would have to forgive me if I don’t believe you wholeheartedly. I had managed to do a “psychic pull” but then realized what it really was.

Were you there? Who are you to judge? You know nothing of my work. Nor the work of my associates.

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Quote me, please. Where have I expressed my doubt?

You are mixing apples and oranges.

Death ray without any technology has not been done by any magician. You have a very Harry Potter-like view of magic, it seems.

Please, show me the evidence of people using direct magic to kill someone on the spot, instead of using the alteration of coincidences to fuck over said person.

No magician has physically traveled into another world, and came back. No magician that I know of, at least. And don’t give me the old “soul travel is physical travel hurr durr.” It’s not. Traveling in your mind’s eye IS NOT PHYSICAL.

When I say PHYSICAL gateway, I mean a LEGIT PHYSICAL transporter, NOT a “spiritual portal” where you just sit there physically and astrally travel elsewhere. I mean a LEGIT portal where your ENTIRE PHYSICAL body goes into another plane of existence completely.

Show me the evidence of this, and I’ll take back every word I said.

And before you use my previous words against me, these are not “self-imposed limitations,” and you know why? Because even the most spiritual-superstitious-leaning magicians have not done this. Those who believe that they can do anything.

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Yes, alright, this will just be another “Well I’ve seen this and that” kind of discussion. No point in debating this further.

You have your opinions & experiences, and I have mine.

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And I am laughing knowing that you have a Harry Potter-view of magic. The exact thing many advanced magicians are fighting against. But this view never seems to die off.

If it was mundane, there would be countless demonstrations out there. But there aren’t.

@Baal The problem is that you think people go around demonstrating everything they know. (btw search it up on Youtube if you want to. There ARE a lot of demonstrations). Well, I KNOW this exists so no matter how much you mock it my view won’t change. Also, EA says that he forced choked someone. Remember that.


I will look into it, and change my stance if necessary.

EA says all kinds of strange things. First he says Satan is weak, then he calls him strong and offers to evoke Satan for people for a price (a high one, too). He calls Adramelech evil, he said Lucifer was destructive, etc etc…let’s not forget his Lucifuge video too. I don’t take what he says at face value, honestly.

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Give me a day and I’ll PM you my feedback. I will search for more videos.

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Yes, i will try to find the most convincing videos.

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I know, which is why I can put it to the test. Me and my associates.


More videos. An entire playlist this time.


Sorry to butt in on the argument, but on the ray powers, that can be a real thing.

Two reasons I say so:

Rosicrucians/Hermetic RHP magi use rays of color aimed astrally at a persons body area to heal. There are as many rays as there are colors, and each has a certain quality to it.

Ninjitsu has psychic properties and magic. Most of it is technology and illusion, but there are hand mudra’s, stick grids and so on. Grandmasters or Magis would probably make it look easy, but there are small areas of knowledge that they spent a lifetime or half lifetime achieving.


@Baal , brother, I’m gonna pester you with a question. What, to you, are the fundamentals that all systems share?


This video will explain it far more eloquently than I can.


Visualization would be my first guess.
Correspondences would be my second guess.