Why not choose next incarnation without worry?

Many people tell me that when you die, you will lose consciousness and not be able to live in spirit until you ascend.
My question is, why can’t you just soul travel to a realm, make a pact with the leaders and through energy manipulation create a new body on that realm?

For example, if you want to be an arcturian in the next life, contact arcturian leaders. Then ask them if they will allow you to live there. Then create an arcturian body.

Then when you want to switch, you can just possess that body and cause your human physical body to die through excess time in the spirit world and lack of food and water.

Why do people worry so much about dying then reincarnation in a worse place… if they can soul travel.
People say godhood takes multiple lifetimes. I don’t believe it has to be that way, especially if you know how to soul travel easily.


You could also go into a body of an immortal being that doesn’t die with age. Only by food and water.

I understand why this cannot be done in this realm easily, but why can’t you do this in a high vibrational realm?

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People reincarnate into their proper place by the advancement they have attained it is impossible to do otherwise unless some being forces you too and sustains it such as how we evoke beings here. If you do not raise yourself and your evolution to that level it will never happen. There are no shortcuts to this except selling yourself as a slave to some entity which even then you will need a certain level of advancement to even pull of successfully and continuous work for that being to attune yourself to that sphere of influence and that is temporary and leaves you completely at their mercy and many might send you back to reincarnate to perform some service to them.

If you do not like it then stop complaining about it and trying to find loopholes and put in the actual work to advance yourself to that level. The astral body dies after death just like the physical body and the true essence of the person separates from it. The only time this does not happen is if you perfectly fuse both of them together and become an immortal or you become a parasite feeding on the vital energy of others to sustain your astral form.

This doesn’t make sense. If you are reincarnating that means you are immortal

Also why do egregores and other get to live in the astral plane without need for ascension?
Why can someone’s grandma die and can be able to be evoked from the astral plane?
What about people who soul travel to their dead family who didn’t ascend, and didn’t even believe in spirits?

Immortal is just another term for ascended master outside the cycles of reincarnation and able to retain their power and memories when they do choose to reincarnate.

Egregores and servitors are not people they are not whole beings and neither are demons, angels, elementals or the rest of the lot except for very few individuals that have evolved that far. They exist in the astral and are made from the astral and aspects of the universe. They need to ascend and they strive constantly for it that is why they are so ready to help us as that lets them adapt to our energies and potentials to evolve themselves until they do become whole beings.

In the case of dead people our whole true essence is at no time fully bound in our bodies and is not bound by time at all so people can contact the part of our being corresponding to previous lives whether you have reincarnated or not but most often they are not contacting the persons true essence but their shade. The lingering remnants of their astral body that is a copy of the memories and emotions of a single lifetime and is most often dealt with in necromancy. It would be like if you shed your skin and it kept living on without you.

Everyone’s astral body also decays at a different rate and strong attachment can keep their spirit from leaving it behind for longer but not permanently and it often a mechanical and miserable existence for most bound with obsession.

If what you are saying is true, necromancy shouldn’t even be possible for most beings

See above where the true essence of a person is not bound by time and so can be contacted in some aspect at any moment even if reincarnated. See also that necromancy deals with shades the remnants of the astral body and not the actual person. Just the copy they leave behind of a single life.

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Personally I don’t believe in that nonsense that you reincarnate to learn stuff than ascend. I reincarnated for a reason that has nothing to do with ascension and all that. I don’t plan to reincarnate, to me you have full control of your reincarnation unless you give something else power over it. I.e those who worship a God or demon and so forth. However, I give no one power over where I go but myself, I don’t really believe in the concepts of the higher self or oversoul planning your life out.


Will merging with your higher self make you an immortal then in your opinion?

Yes if you can achieve enough mastery and ability to do so fully then you will be outside the standard cycle of reincarnation.

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Me neither.

A shaman activated my light body. And delivered much power to my subtle bodies. Where will that put me

Not much further than you already were as you still carry these concerns and that is psychologically holding you back. You have to put it to use and practice or it will do nothing for you. It is like letting it sit and collect dust on a shelf. Stop worrying about reincarnation and the like and focus on your own development and areas of interest in your life that you wish to advance.

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Though I don’t believe one can live out their afterlife in the astral but that goes onto my belief that the astral is a collective unconscious or due to its density or lack of a mental plane. That all planes that hold life (That we can reincarnate into) are linked to it and all that is there is every changing and entities projecting there like we do, everyone besides thoughtforms, egregores, and godforms (the idea of egregores becoming worshipped as gods definition) because they are nothing but thoughts given energy, no soul, no real emotions but what they developed through the energy fed to them etc. However, I do believe they can be given a fragment of an existing soul by whoever created them. But that’s a different topic.


She and others have told me that I vibrate at a high frequency, but I don’t believe them as I can’t talk or speak with spirits

Have you put honest time and effort into developing those abilities? If you have the capability but don’t know how to use it or you are mentally sabotaging yourself you won’t be able too. Think of it like having binoculars but never taking to caps off the end to see out.

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Ok thanks.
Yes on so many occasion I have done chakra meditations, but nothing happens

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Meditating on chakras may or may not grant you any abilities they are part of the underlying infrastructure that supports them but they might not activate any until you intentionally develop them. Perhaps start with Franz Bardon’s books those are a good starting place for getting the right mindset and working your way from scratch.

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I am sorry but I have to say that when I read the title I read " Why to choose intoxication by mercury?" I was confused as hell. No it makes sense.

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