Why none of us all go to the same destination

I think is due to fate and destiny, not because we aren’t infallable. Were humans. We make mistakes.
To the vain, hell would be the ugly destination.
For the greedy, heaven would be Jupiter conjoined to the fed reserve and world bank.
Not purity or wanton sin, the most fucked up idea is to keep people anxious and in suspense with a sword of Damocles held over their head waiting to strike at the first fuckup.

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Everyone going to the same place would be pretty boring imo


We aren’t there, so how would we know?

We don’t and that’s the fun part. :innocent:


When all the black holes eat everything up and become one, we will all be there, at that exact infinite point of oneness, and then the big bang will happen again, like a breathing heart beat.


You’re very close, @Atinama. I see you have the galactic butterfly in your icon. The Mayans knew what was up, even if their means of communicating the concept was a bit limited.




These idea imply powerlessness and perpetual victim of outside forces.

Cause and effect on the other hand puts one in the driver seat some just don’t like the responsibility that comes with that power. People make choices which has an effect on their spiritual nature and vibration one way or another. So they are attacted to planes, practices, forces and spirits that align with their own vibration unless they make another choice to shift their vibration to another spectrum.

These choices reverberate through ones reality and has effects both observed and unobserved depending on the scale of the cause. Though at the same moment other are enacting causes some of which may have effects geared at negating yours. This is part of the nature of co- creation in reality.


Interesting. Sounds like working with Mercury, Jupiter and Venus (love and power) would be beneficial.

If you take this from a planetary perspective working with all the planets over time is beneficial because they all have something they can teach you.Same applies to the elements.


Mabey its a bit whimsical but i like to think everyone heaven and hell would be a unique experience kinda likeon supernatural

Also when Ossiris weigh your heart if it was more than a feather down you go lol
So basicly depending where you end up is due to one own conscience perhaps rather than an idea of moral right and wrong

Good news all we got do is wait we find out