Why my wishes and intentions don't work

I’ve been working on unsealing with EA management for 3 days now, I don’t feel anything, Just the seal hurts I say what I want and close my eyes and think what I want, But nothing happens, nothing happens, what I wanted before was happening, My situation is very bad, my girlfriend has become estranged from me and has to. I reported this to Beleth, she changed a bit but then stayed the same, she said she was cooling off with me Before that I called Amon 6 months ago to further fix my girlfriend but she broke up with me.

As a result, the things I want are moving away from me and I am in dilemma.

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Maybe you’ve got inner work to do. It could also be that what you want isn’t what’s necessary for your growth but I think it’s that your manifestations have already began and it will take time but you’ll get there

I only have a picture of the person I want, who should I call to find it?I don’t know anything about who she is, I just need to find her, It will give a precise result that will be able to tell who you are in the form of first name, last name and who you are.

This can be a risk with love magick - the person feels it and it grates on their freewill, which causes conflict that feels bad, which they associate with you (they know what you did, subconsciously), and it ends up having the opposite effect, driving them away. The stronger a person is spiritually the more it will turn them off.

You can’t “fix” something that isn’t broken. They will also sense that as well - they can feel you think they are in the wrong. You seem to be wanting to change her without looing at what you need to do to attract her.

Maybe try changing what it is about you that isn’t working for them, to align your energies better and get back into resonance.

One thing that can help that, and this may sound weird, is to vampirise her. You can give her your energy as well so she doesn’t get sick. Make sure you filter it both ways, and set into the exchange an intention of healing, resonating and coming together. Visualise those cords getting brighter and stronger.


Keep in mind that from previous posts it seems the OP uses google translate to write messages, so it can mess up some sentences at times.

This is some serious advice

I hope so because if he requested she be fixed and she then moves away, I’d take that as a
bad omen.

This is why I don’t dress up my requests and state what I want, regardless of how sinister/ manipulative it may sound.