Why my spells has less effects?

My spells has only small effects. Like I did a banishing spell to someone who bothers me everyday, but the person that i putted my spell on is still living in our dorm. The effect is he doesn’t bother me anymore. I want him to leave Japan and that’s the effect I want.

Also my other spells like money spells, Freezer spell etc… has only less efffect

Did you make your intention clear that you wanted him to LEAVE and not just leave you alone? Sounds like the banishings spell worked to me.

Yeah I made intention very specific that He will leave Japan and go back to his country.
Still having small effects in all my spells

How long has it been since the spell work was done? Are you giving the spells enough time to manifest and did you completely let go and move on?

Around 3rd week of June. And that person still living here. I did banishing spell I found on Youtube in my friends house. When I came back to my on first week of July He still living here so I did another different banishing spell. I dont want to let go, I want him to leave for some many reason I dont want to talk about

Ok…I couldn’t care less why you want him to leave and I didn’t ask for the reasons. I’m just saying let go of the spell work and allow the energy to work on the situation. If you hold on, and keep obsessing over the situation and what’s going on, it’s not allowing the the outcome to manifest, it actually slows down progress. That’s what I meant by did you let it go.

But good luck though :+1:t5:

It could be that you need to put more energy into the working, and/or, the target could have protections or be resistant.

Protections can exist in many ways, if they meditate, they will be naturally healing and rebalancing the energy you sent, they could have support from ancestors or guardian entities, or just natural shielding.

Leaving a country take a lot of energy, money and organization, the person has to have somewhere to go, get tickets, figure out all the logistics etc. He could be feeling motivated to go and not be able to, until the magick can align things to fix all that.

Use meditation to raise your energy to put more oomph into workings, or consider doing the ritual multiple days in a row to build it up.

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