Why magick can be most important-including for your survival, here & now

Magick is a lovely way to work with the God-Mind -
Not just for fun, not just as a means of entertainment -
but because you came here with One Sole purpose and that is to Awaken -
this is the promise EVERY Soul comes here to make, in the greater plan of everything,
without exception. You are Magick (as you are a multidimensional being)
and expressing that is in reality a very direct means to express yourself-
it goes further than just an earthly means to an end - magick is being thaught
as something essential on many planes of reality for the reason to learn to work with yourself
AS being the God-Mind - Yes - you are that and are never separate from it.

You are all that is, no more, no less, always, all the time.
Your Self is the Source of all, in oneness and equality with all life and your Mind is the God-Mind in it’s totality. How I know all this? From personal gnosis, and the gnosis of others beings that made it beyond self-limiting perceptions (also in regard with the soul)

What makes you unique? Your Soul does.

There’s also something else. YOU came here to take dominion of your life, and be a caretaker of this planet, nothing less. Other beings may help you but ultimately they want you to grow from the infant, spiritually into a masterful version of yourself - this is your life, this is your experience, and one of the main things no-one should make mistakes about it, is that we will be faced with challenges on this planet until we fix everything ourselves. Not our governments, not our neighbours. WE as creators, because WE are the ones that have to show to ourselves our ability to be living in this Cosmos responsibly.

Everyone knows there are many things threatening human life at this moment.
It is not up to anyone else but ourselves, to do something about it, regardless what it may be.
Because, shit will hit the fan for all human beings that neglect what is going on on a daily basis on this planet. WE ourselves are to turn this planet into something beautiful, sustainable, liveable, to the point where you can sleep at night knowing that you don’t have to
have any cold sweat, of ANYTHING happening here. And we can.
We are not only doing it for ourselves, we do it for the planet, we do it for everyone we see on the planet we love and care about, at the very least, no matter how few people that may be for you. There’s nothing in existence that can replace having a sense of serenity in one’s life, so don’t wait until the grass is burnt underneath your feet, the sky looks yellow, your friends or loved ones die for some of the many many many reasons actively present that can and will be their death someway, somehow, while you right here, have all the power at your fingertips to make a change.

The treats are REAL - this would be one example - you are sharing a planet with beings that did stop and will stop at nothing to kill you, some way, some how, and they are actively engaged by various means in doing so now- it’s not a minor threat- these beings are the creators of the modern day world-system, and there are some good pro-humanity people working very hard to keep the head of humanity above water, and needing your magickal help. As overwhelming as it may sound: the wellbeing and surviving of humanity depdens on your level of Awakening and Action to bring this planet and humanity in the right direction.
If we don’t, humanity and the world will be exactly what it will be, for the better(?) but mostly for the worst. I have heard messages from the future by real time-travellers, and seriously, some of it is just really really sick, from most literal Terminator (movie) scenarios due to AI gone out of hand to the zombifying effects coming up of poinonous food industry techniques, from additives, vaccines taking their full effect after years…on a MASS scale…so it’s up to us to turn all the shit around here and now, because some of these things are even for before 2050, if we don’t make everything change…; (Timetraveller’s source: APEXTV- youtube)
This channels reveals the illuminati plans past and present , where it comes down to-

You might already have checked illuminati stuff, but this is more condensed and high level information. (you’ll probably come to realize that magick here is the best tool against the following invaders) P.S. Some Annunaki have turned to the light, others didn’t, so be very precise of you perform magick. This is one of many videos on the channel.
When it comes to my statement: At some point magick is the only way to defend yourself properly against anything in existence, and is a most powerful way to create changes in the world on a mass scale- it is working with YOURSELF ultimately, as all that is - it is an extension of being yourself that is most efficient and most desirable towards success in anything. Of course there are other ways to do it, but ultimately if we wish to be maximally successful, also in our ascent while doing what we feel we wish to do on the physical plane - than magick is a #1 way to go, even compared with anything else that is out there- as it can be combined with everything to make it more efficient- it is a turbo booster for anything indeed.


You want magick to survive? Learn about plants, rootworking, etc. It is not glamorous or even terribly supernatural, but as functional application of magick in day to day life goes, it is probably the kind that is most likely going to make the difference between living and dying in more potential scenarios.

That being said, I do not see any rhyme or reason to the video above. I believe aliens certainly exist, and the Anunnaki lore is probably founded in some kind of real thing, but this is nonsense.

They know of 6 strongholds, but do nothing about it? Portals that can only be seen in certain light spectrums? Come on. They said DEWs and sonic weapons do destroy them quite well. We have a shit ton of lasers. Yet we do nothing about it? Why?

Because it is not happening, lol. One major problem with modern ‘truth’ movements is that a huge portion of them are spawned from or directly influenced by intelligence agencies…like the ones from the Kremlin or CIA or Mousad. Remember, these are the same groups convincing the world’s dumbest and most gullible that the Earth is flat.

Riddle me this: if Anunnaki were in power, and projectile weapons do nothing, and with modern tech our governments are doing nothing, then how did they fall from power in the first place? It makes no sense at all, especially when you factor in the fact that the numbers we can bring to bear in any conflict as a fighting force are higher now than ever. It does not make any sense, which is exactly why an intelligence agency plants this kind of bullshit.