Why King Paimon? Why Duke Dantalion?

I evoked them and asked for a line of communication to be reestablished between someone I care about and I. I gave no deadline per sae but really wanted this to take place before 5-29. It has not come to pass (in fairness he MAY think he is blocked. He was for a few days but no longer. Not sure if he realizes it or not. Perhaps that’s the issue). See that is his birthday and I don’t want it to pass without telling him Happy Birthday. It will be the last time i ever try to contact him again. Kind of a very last ditch effort. Is it an “excuse” to message him again. Yes and No. I was just so hoping that we would already be speaking by then.

I did a Tarot reading yesterday and the cards that came up were in a three spread. Second cards were clarifieres

The Wheel of Fortune and Page of Cups

King of Wands and Four of Wands

Three of Pentacles

Now im just beginning in Tarot but from what ive read and impression im getting is a basically a big surprise and sudden change. Now I know this can go either way but the cups/love part stumped me and hints it’s more to the positive?

Thing is it sounds like even though ive asked for his to contact me first that im being forced to make the first move here. I promised him that I would not contact him again after i told him how i felt about him. Why is this being “demanded” of me. I explained all this when I asked them for this. Am I missing something. Am I misinterpreting what the cards say.

Im rambling, I know. Kind of talking to my self but yet not. Im so confused right now. Am I right or wrong. Shit…

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Here’s my interpretation of the cards:

Wheel of Fortune with Page of Cups - a transition into the beginning of an emotional journey

King of Wands with Four of Wands - actions and work leading to expanding rewards

Three of Pentacles - cooperation and teamwork, mutual creation

I can’t say for certain, but this seems to be a good omen. This could be about your ex (or whoever it is you’re talking about), but it could also be about a new partner who you will meet. Here’s a compatibility spread you can use for further clarification.

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Thank you so much for that!!

He isn’t an ex really just someone that I met when I was 13 and have loved ever since (35yrs). Long road and long history. We have never been a couple but never seemed to get together either. Very come and go. Long periods (years) of not speaking. He contacted me last year after a long silence, saw him last December and he got “weird” as is just got silent and withdrawn. Not mean and would answer me if I messaged him. Just really short and different than before. So I told him in March everything I felt and that I got the impression he didn’t wish to speak to me so I promised not to message him again.This is a last ditch effort.

I asked King Paimon again and got these today (last reading was from yesterday)

Three of Cups
The World
Nine of Swords

He (King Paimon) knows im afraid to message him first. Almost dreading it as I dont want rejected anymore. Im thinking he is pretty much grabbing me by the ear telling me “You want this?? You will face your fear and message him first” and that things will be fine and continue to more forward and time has healed some wounds on his part and that he has been thinking of me?

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Three of Cups - community and friendship
The World - completion, synthesis, movement
Nine of Swords - deep despair with no light

If you get rejected you get rejected, it is what it is. Sitting here worrying over his every thought isn’t going to do you any good. Trust in the magick and it will bring you what you really want.

I’m not really worried about his thoughts. I’ve honestly been over bridge many times for many years. It’s just that I feel like i’m being forced to go back on my word to him. I do want a friendship with him. Very much so. I do love him. I’m just disappointed that I feel like i’m being told this way or forget it.

I’ve been “rejected” for over three decades. That is nothing new. I hate that I even care at all. Friday will be do or die…

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I don’t really follow the title with the rest of the topic, but in short: King Paimon doesn’t deal with love matters at all. Dantalion on the other hand does and he’s good at it.

I envoked them both in asking to have him message me. I asked Duke Dantalion first and read somewhere that your suppose to also talk to the King of a Duke as well so I did that too. Whether that is right or wrong it’s been positive both times and neither of them seem to mind. And that King Paimon is said to be great in speaking with beginners (which I am). I asked him the questions on the Tarot and this is what i’ve been told.

I did what I thought I was being asked to do. No reply back. It was read. That much I know. Not that im actually surprised. I was nervous about sending it to him and perhaps my facing it was the “test” but with my Tarot kept telling me something totally different. Lots of Cups cards. Maybe I cant read them worth shit. I’ll go back over my notes and try and see what I missed.

I’m going to do a cord cutting and try and back myself away. Fall out of love and stay there. I can not keep doing this to myself. This was a last ditch effort and I am done. I told Duke Dantalion I was very sorry for wasting his time (if that was the case. Perhaps my doing this was all he intended for anyways) and I just want my feelings to go away. To no longer focus on him but help me. Im just so fed up and over it all. I don’t want these feelings anymore.