Why I've decided to focus on soul travel! (Not clickbait... because i don't think you can't click bait a forum post)

So I’ve been researching magick for a little bit but my accomplishments haven’t been the best. Anyway’s I always debate why my success didn’t live up to others and there are many factors involved. One living at my parent’s house makes its hard for me to whip my circle out and perform ritual evocation plus I’m not the best at sensing spirits. After even more though I realized I am very focused on this physical world, not a bad thing of course but it has seemed to prohibit me from success when it comes to magick. I’m still too focused on full manifestations and etc so I decided to go into dream working and soul travel, leave this world behind a bit so I can understand everything else and come back with more faith in my ability.
Or at least that’s how I’m justifying my thoughts. I will continue to do simple spells, sigil gazing, and divination but I think focusing on Soul Travel and things of that nature might help me disconnect from this physical world I am so attached to.
Thanks for reading till the end as a reward here’s a picture of a cute pit bull


That is actually really cool. Skills build on each other, so it not a bad idea to branch out and try something new and different. All your experiences will compound, and as you expect, the more experiences you have the more confidence you will have in your abilities. Your confidence will bleed over into other areas, and you will see results quicker. There is a lot that goes into the physical manifestation of spirits, when it comes to summoning. If you are focusing on soul travel, you might as well see if you couldnt travel to the realms of the spirits you were trying to work with. Go to them instead of calling them to you. That way you can still work with the spirits and cultivate a working relationship with then even if you are taking a break from conjuring in the physical.


Thank you for your words! It’s really helpful to hear from others!

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Don’t go too far with the whole non-attachment/disconnect thing.

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Yeah I’m not trying to be a spiritual nomad with no possessions or no physical form just something to get me out of myself in a way

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I think there’s a synchronicity here with me. I just bought the soul travel course.

^ Agreed, if you start to renounce the world it will renounce you right back, and harder, and strip away everything you care about.

I have seen a lot of people get into “eastern” mysticism and even the whole love & light healing world, and get totally destroyed this way, even losing their kids, homes, and finally their minds, and not in some “crazy genius” way - more the, “hair smells of puke and has a psych file” way.

Thank you! I was never going to try and renounced the world I’m more just trying to connect to the other planes. It Just seemed like an interesting approach.

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This^ I was actually almost crazy once well… more so then now and can vouch for what @Lady_Eva says it’s not fun one time not even kidding I slept for 2 weeks straight trying to get away from it all

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