Why is the term "theta gamma sync" only from EA

Never heard of this term from anyone except EA.


He was the first to use it, but now everybody does.

Most people don’t go in depth about the brainwave states required for spirit interaction. They are happy simply discussing Alpha, Theta and Delta. The Gamma brainwave is almost never mentioned at all.


In 1924 a Psychiatrist named Berger started experimenting with electroencephalograms on humans in his researches he found that the human brain normally operates within a range from 1 to about 40 hertz.
(A hertz is the number of cycles per second; the higher the hertz the faster the brain wave.) The frequencies are clumped into categories that denote their characteristics. The 1- to -4 hertz range is called delta and occurs during sleep and some comas. Theta is the 4- to -8 hertz range. It’s called the hypnogogic state and is a kind of consciousness twilight that occurs between being deeply relaxed and sleeping. Alpha state that is between 8- to -12 hertz which is relaxed but awake state and the beta range which is from 13 to around 30 hertz, which is the range of normal waking consciousness.

Source: A symphony in the brain by Jim robins


He’s coined the phrase, due to having to explain people from scratch,
how exactly some of these methods and techniques work.

And, he pulled from scientific language, in order to make sure he’s precise,
and get’s people to understand exactly what he’s saying.

Most other people call it trance state, or heightened senses (which is the most misleading and allows for many misunderstandings), but there’s also other common terms, like illuminated, awakened, transcended mind, active meditation, etc…

Source of Rafa’s quote:

Note that Gamma Waves where indeed mentioned in media, for example in Resident Evil,
when discussing Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Telekinesis, etc.


So it does make perfect sense, to use these terms in order to explain the techniques used for real life magick, as they’re to a degree embeded into the subconcious understanding of the broad public,
even if they don’t understand the fine mechanics behind it.

(like actually having to relax, in order to gain a state which is much faster and more capable then anything operating at regular awake conciousness can process)



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okay i found the original example i was looking for,
unfortunately even there, it does adress alpha and beta waves instead of gamma.^^

Sorry for my false statements!^^



EA wasnt the first to mention Gamma in occult, but perhaps publically. Ive known of it since before 2002, from a private group. Id be curious as to what he has to say about it though.

It has been mentioned publicly before in Hermetic circles. First mention I saw was by Jason Augustus Newcomb though it is alone not actually very useful for magick until way further from what I can figure. Most all magical work is conducted in Alpha state or Theta state in the cases of astral projection and dream work. Far as I can tell Gamma state is best not relied or attempted as it will come on its own as a side effect of consistent practice. Far as I can tell the only real uses Gamma state will very specifically have is for non-focused psychic awareness and likely stopping the perception of time. Also by non-focused psychic awareness I am talking about a near perfect state of awareness of everything around you that is most often found in I believe in martial artists especially those that also follow the energetic and spiritual side where they fall into that trance during practice and combat where they are simultaneously aware of their surrounding and their opponent and able to react instantly as things occur.

Otherwise you would start in Alpha state and let things develop from there naturally on their own. Far as I can tell Theta Gamma Sync is just a marketing ploy and not really what is happening in terms of brainwave activity. In fact I don’t even believe the human brain without a lot of conditioning can stand Gamma state for very long so it is best left alone to come naturally as a result of your practices.

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Yes its mostly something you develop. Gamma is something found in mostly High Performers such as athletes who get into a highly focused “Flow State” has been found to show Gamma Brainwaves by Science.