Why is so many people in the occult so full of sh*t?

Well, the title says it all.
Why is so many people on the occult, so full is shit??
Over time I’ve seen the most bizarre categories of people.
Of course, I’ve seen legit people as well.
BUT, for each legit one there are…what?50, 100 who are not.
I’ve seen people claiming the most absurd and grandilocuent stuff, they can’t put their Money where their mouth is.
I’m not sure if this behavior irritates me, amazes me, me makes me laugh, or makes me pity them.Maybe a little bit of each.
I don’t know why it seems to be a constant on the occult field.

Some people are frauds. Others are delusional.

And some others are both :S…jesus. I agree.

“Welcome to the Occult, where everything is made up and the points don’t matter.”

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Because they’re constipated?

Very true.
In the book Son of Rosemary, the character Andy states:
Some covens have real power, others don’t and know it, some don’t and think they do.

I agree with you all. I see these websites with love spells for 1000 dollars and up.when in reality its a simple candle ritual. At this point in my magick career Im trying to see what works. Evocations have worked for me. I have a love spell thats 21 days. Well see if it works

Those make me laugh. The best are the “Psychics”…reminds me of this shit:

DC - Educated Guess Line

My opinion is that most people who know stay silent.

Well, it’s the two reasons that have already been addressed.

A: The Charlatans

Exploitation of the Occult community is extremely easy because any results are essentially impossible to either disprove or prove. Through some cleverly elaborate presentation…an individual can enthrall countless into purchasing their services without the clientele having the ability to provide any evidence that invalidates the claims of these services having actually been rendered. Furthermore, there’s the placebo effect that aids considerably in the manipulation of others.

The mind is a very powerful thing, and when an individual’s desperate…a mere coincidence is quickly blown out of proportion and attributed to the service they purchased. This causes the individual to believe that the charlatan has actual power, so they provide positive feedback which enforces the delusion in others. If you have enough people claiming an individual has power, the expectations of other clients are even higher which makes them even more susceptible to fooling themselves into believing that they actually obtained something valid through their purchase.

This is portrayed perfectly in the show True Blood where Tara takes her mother to a Voodoo priestess that performs an exorcism. Immediately after, Tara’s mother is cured of her addiction to alcohol and believes fully in the woman’s abilities. So great is the change that Tara herself finally breaks down and pays the woman for help in the hopes that her life long trauma and depression can be lifted like her mother’s mental problems. Ultimately, it works…until Tara comes across the same woman working in a supermarket and looking completely modernized. Flipping out over the realization that this woman is a charlatan, and displaying a great deal of hostility because of hallucinogenics that she was given, the woman tells her that it’s all the power of the mind and she truly does help people…just not through the paranormal.

This is true…Tara’s mom remains cured of her problems throughout the series…despite the fact that she’s still a horrible person in general. The method of her cure wasn’t paranormal, but psychological. So, this makes us question the morality behind what charlatans do…is it right or wrong? If the client is happy, is there anything wrong with someone making a profit off a placebo? That’s a different discussion though.

B: The Delusional

The delusional can be summarized easily enough, people are desperate…to such a great degree that they will lie to themselves until those lies become truth. This desperation becomes enforced through the same methodology employed by charlatans. Eventually, results are picked out of mere coincidence and used to inflate the individual’s ego until they begin seeing validations of their claims everywhere. This causes them to feed their own delusions and increase severity.

Now, with all that said…what’s interesting is that many occult practices rely upon these facts to further the individuals source of power…their will. So, again, we’re forced to question if these are bad things…if they’re wrong.

If a placebo is helping someone, psychologically or paranormally, by enforcing their own willpower…they’re technically receiving what they desired even if it’s actually caused by their own power rather than the individual selling them the service. If they’re delusional…they’re often confident and have a very strong will, which is something every practitioner needs in order to successfully perform. Where they get this from, an outside source or themselves, depends on them.

This is why I believe the most powerful of individuals are also very deliriously delusional, suffering from a madness of their own design. It’s an intricate web of insanity; the more complex, the better.

Though, do bear in mind that I’m not saying that the majority of those who are delusional are powerful. On the contrary, the majority of those who talk the loudest are the weakest…attempting to boost their ego through validation while simultaneously harboring a great deal of doubt. There’s another factor needed in order to use this madness to your advantage, intelligence.

It’s up to you to weed out the weak from the strong.

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its easy to fall into a delusional mind frame after one hardcore success. the ones I hate are the strait up bullshitters. I get accused of lies as im sure we all do from time to time. All I can say is peoples claims speak for themselves on there level of truth, to those who actually work. but keep in mind espetially with evocation evryones experience is different that’s why I don’t voice my accusations. I think that if you don’t do something in yout working path daily then your not a true witch, sorcerer, mage or whatever you want to be called. plus from a cops perspective people take written words to litteral which is bad for people with no grammer skills.
I usually avoid forums of any kind because of the bs but I like this one for some reason

Because… people?

Why is grammar such hard?

I agree that self delusion can be a powerful thing. I recently did an evocation of Malzaz Hyroth to try and get him to help strengthen my future attempts at evocation. Have no idea if I was in complete delusion during that ritual and the next day after, but delusion or not, results are results. My results were that he manifested as a black moving mass, which then took possession of me (not completely mind you) but enough so that I started to feel a tingling that began in my throat, later that night the feeling had spread and intensified through my whole body. The next day it was still there and it reminded me of when I used to be on too high of a prescription of aderall (I dont take any medications anymore, so this was not due to it), an intense and overbearing feeling of adrenaline/energy. I still feel it now, and my point is whether I am deluding myself or truly experiencing this, does it matter in the end? We create our own realities. What we believe, therefore, is real in our own eyes and thanks to the mind being a powerful instrument, it translates into affecting our personal lives in a very REAL and tangible way. :slight_smile: my two cents

Are u talking to me?English is not my first language, and by no means perfect.

English is my first language but my written grammer is horrifying I get miss enterprited constantly lol.

There are bulls*%tters in most areas of life. I have lost business to other people because they will make promises that I know they cannot keep (at least not without a little magical help)… But they get the business and six months later the customer realizes they were deceived.

The current economic conditions around here have every body and their brother running to church and praying to Jesus for a little help. It seems like a new church opens every month in my town. I often wonder how sincere the church organizers are. How many of them are trying to help and how many of them are just con artists trying to line their pockets by waving a bible around?