Why is it i only seem to see the true version of the infernal realm or one mask?

when people talk about the love aspect when they evoke or invoke or get some warm feeling, I call BS in my opinion. Idk i just seem to get the true version of what they really are.

Care to explain?

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I can’t see myself ever saying that about Abaddon. Or Belial. (continue)

You see the version you’re expecting or the one you need to interact with right now.

I agree with Velenos. Details would be helpful.

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I find that parasitic imposters will change like a shapeshifter in different tones and masks because i seem to have alot of those that fuck around with me. but when i work with a demon they always come the same way.

I have heard of them trying to scare people off enough because the timing for working with that particular entity isn’t right. If it happens across the board, there are others issues likely at play.

yes my man. its always a different vibe i see with each but always dark straight to the point and intense with each infernal i work with. when i seaech other peoples gnosis its always sunshine and rainbows and they always have rationalize something with masks. personally i dont trust people who throw the masks gnosis out there. I personally dont know why that is. If i work with an entity thats changes its form like a shapeshifter i know its an imposter. maybe the imposters parasites are on the rise because they know the numbers of dabbling and inexperience members are ripe for attacking. this is only my opinion.

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Now I understand and I would say I agree with you on a good bit of what you say, a lot of cases is mostly just occultists fangirling/fanboying off demons they want so hard to be more than demon because to them either consciously or subconsciously see it as a bad thing.

While some masks are understandable, it doesn’t change the being’s energy but only case I mean in terms of masks is for example not Utu and Shamash same entity but different names and same exact energy. Most see masks and think “different name different energy same being” makes no sense to me lol.

to me that’s an imposter, mask is just that, different name but same energy and everything else lol

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ahh that makes better sense. I agree with that.