Why is Humour so Antithetical to LHP Magick?

Why is Humour so antithetical to most magickal systems?

Why does ritual and ceremonial magick demand such a degree of seriousness?

I feel the schism must have occurred millenia ago, probably around the Dionysus/ Apollo divergence of values/ preferences.

What kind of Magician leaves room for playfulness, fun, and humour in his magickal life?

Why is spiritual ascent to Godlike abilities such a seriousness undertaking?

I personally feel as though i’ve lost a piece of myself ever since discovering the LHP.
Don’t get me wrong, the principles of Limitless Power, Freedom, and Individuality have been a GODSEND!

But in the serious pursuit of power and freedom, wealth and happiness, there’s little oom for playfulness or egolessness, for turning people’s views on their head, and channeling the energy that FORCES people to laugh. A jester, a joker, but with dignity, sexuality, and power.

Perhaps this is simply a NEWER archetype, one that hasn’t found itself into the main stream culture long enough to incite a natural expression, or

Perhaps these element are too far apart from each other to mix seemlessly in the same person. Jared Leto’s Joker being one extreme, while a wiley standup comic might be another.

Perhaps cartoons are the only place where dignified power meets creative imagination

I believe it might have something to do with the transition away from non-magical people/ places moving into environments and “family” more akin to your new understanding.

There’s something VERY SERIOUS in tying not to be seen as crazy around people who “use to know you so well”. And now will " hardly understand you ever again"
For the social and emotional potent human magician, this process isn’t always fun and easy.

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