Why I'm here

By way of introduction, I’m both an author and a sorceress. I think that I’ve arrived here seeking a new magickal partner but at the same time this feels like the equivalent of looking for love on an online dating site, which is something I don’t believe in and would never do personally. So, I shall just spend some time with you all and see what happens.


I hope you find the love of your life here but not really a dating site lol but it doesn’t mean ppl don’t find love within the site but welcome to balg hope you stay long I’m an author to and what kind of magic do you do?

Welcome! Open mind, and all that. I was an atheist about 4 weeks ago and a christian four months before that.

You never know!

Good luck in your search!

Welcome @MARA. Please tell us about yourself and your experience in magick. Saying “I’m a sorceress” doesn’t really tell us anything and so doesn’t meet the criteria for a proper introduction.

What do you practice?

How long have you practiced?

What systems and methods of magick do you have experience in?

The answers to these questions are an important part of an introduction so we can get a sense of your experience and provide advice, and resources appropriate to your level, as well as properly evaluate any advice you may choose to give.

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Just to clarify, no, I’m not looking for love. I was just making a comparison between coming to an online forum to look for a magickal partner and joining an online dating site to look for love. Ideally, both of these relationships would come to you in the course of your ‘normal’ life, your ‘Wyrd’ would lead you into the path of this person.
As for being a sorceress, this is a term I use because it was told to me in a dream: I am not a witch but a sorceress. I performed my first magickal rite or spell quite young, at about 14 years of age (I’m now 41). For the past year or more, though, I’ve been particularly interested in the acausal realm, as per the writings of David Myatt and the Order of Nine Angles. I began to spontaneously have experiences presencing the acausal, strangely enough, on a chat site. So with an online magickal partner, I’ve been exploring a kind of online sorcery, based on The Star Game (using both symbols and words to form adunations). It has been a powerful, transformative experience and a highly effective form of magick. I’m happy to discuss this in more depth with anyone who is interested.
Otherwise, I’ve been using the Thoth tarot for the past twenty years and am a Cancerian in the Second Decan - Scorpio. My previous magickal partner was the reverse, a Scorpio in the Cancer Decan. So yes, I also breathe astrology and always have. Aside from it feeling like truth to me, it’s very useful in creating characters in my fiction.

Thanks for your responses.


Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience.

Welcome to the forum. What kind of books do you write?
Also I’d be interested to hear a bit more about what you mentioned. I’ve done some readings about this topic myself in the past month or so.

You’re welcome, DarkestKnight and thank you, IzzyLuna.
I write serious literary fiction. My last two books were about tragedies and the next one is going to be also, so perhaps that’s the subject matter I’m most drawn to.
As for a little bit more about what I mentioned, the basic goal is to either harm or to aid a particular person, to create change in the causal realm by presencing and performing sorcery in the acausal. In The Star Game it’s “a symbiotic alchemical process
between sorcerer and adunations as currently manifest in a physical
structure and the physical movement of the pieces”. For this version, I choose a particular song that suits the object of the sorcery, in much the same way as you might choose any kind of correspondences in other types of ritual, and the lyrics become my ‘pieces’. The chat room is the ‘board’. Interestingly, sometimes chat rooms are described as chat boards. I play the song when I’m ready to begin, music being a numinous form. The pieces that I choose to put down on the board - at this point you’re moving in the jet stream or whatever word you choose to call it, it’s not a wholly conscious process - will form adunations as they join with other pieces on the board i.e. whatever else is being typed in the chat at the time by other users, to reveal ‘the unity, the whole, of which it and they are a part’. This is no random placement of words. It occurs every time without fail, using this technique, and the adunations created are so obvious and powerful that often they’ll stop the whole chat.
I might also categorise this as arcane magick. While I’m aware of the gaming associations of this term, I’ve no interest in gaming nor have I ever played one. I refer simply to the process of using energy that is readily available, present in the immediate (online) environment: direct manipulation of energies to suit particular needs. As a sorceress, it is an exercise of willpower and mental stamina.
It’s one of those things you really have to experience, or at least witness, to understand fully. And fortunately, with this technique, anyone can. Sorcery does not require proof but I assure you, when you can see it happening before your eyes, it’s extremely affecting and satisfying.
I might leave it there and discuss anything further privately.

Hope this is of some value to those interested in the subject.


Ive read some of your posts and im already liking them a lot. I hope to hear more about your usage of the internet as means of working magick. :grin:

That’s great, I asked you cause I can’t see an author and I need to hear about their work :smile: I myself an author as well, adult fiction although I’ve adventured in other styles.
I really would like to hear more about that, specially this version, cause I feel a great connection with music, I keep saying that music is a form of magik itself. Hope we can discuss this furthermore in private, if you don’t mind. Thanks for your explanation :slight_smile:

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Welcome! There are a lot of great people here, make yourself at home. Good to see another author, sci-fi/ horror myself.

One can never have too many writing comrades. So yes, by all means, please do message me privately and we can discuss our work.

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I’m new here…I’ve been a Witch since childhood
I practice Atmospheric Magick…( I work with the Atmosphere& the weather)

Welcome @Andreia Please properly introduce yourself in your own thread in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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Lol my bad I kinda missed the point :joy: but still welcome to balg

Well hello there it’s really nice to meet you and weather huh what are you looking to do magically inhance control that power learn new magic? welcome to balg by the way

Welcome Mara,

You will find a lot of great people on this forum to have with which to have discussions. Also I’ve gotten some good magical advice from the more experienced magikians.

Ah, I see you have good taste. May your search be fruitful. :+1: You’ll find a few people into either Myatt, or both on here, so you’ll be in good company. I suggest you reach out to @Sinister-Neophyte if you’re located in the UK.


Oh we’ve already found each other. Haha.

Glad to hear it. Enjoy your evening.