Why I was Wrong about Liber Falxifer

I’m sure some of you have seen my recent posts and older posts about Liber Falxifer. I’ve said recently as well as in the past, that Liber Falxifer is a false book that is full of blinds. This is simply not the case. A magician whom I (and many of you) respect, S. Ben Qayin, has worked with the book and after reading some of his articles in Edgar Kerval’s Qlipoth Opus series and Sabbatica series, I decided to give them a second chance. The book(s) Liber Falxifer are beautiful pieces of art that are easy to work with once one understands that your magick is your own. They serve as practical guides to gain a necrosophic transformation through working with Qayin and Qalmana. Qayin and Qalmana are beautiful spirits who are patient teachers and effective allies. I would recommend these books as well as EA’s books as I’ve been reading Evoking Eternity and it has been increasing my power in necromancy and evocation as a whole.


As I mentioned to you in PM, there are blinds in the book and recommend that if someone were to work with them that they research things before actually using them. One blind, for example, is the ritual in the second book where you create your own gunpowder and place it in a triangle around your working. The book states to mix the ingredients in a glass jar. Researching about this, I found that glass should never be used as the friction between the gunpowder and glass can cause it to ignite and possibly even explode. My research into that suggests that if you were to ever make your own for the ritual that it should always be done in plastic.


I’ve read somewhere that Qalmana and The Santisima muerte can’t be venerated at the same time…is this true?


Qalmana is the sister/wife of Qayin, these two can share the altar space. Both these two are similar to how Santa Muerte can be when it comes to altar space, they don’t mix well with other spirits at times. There are exceptions to the rule, naturally, but I sure as hell wouldn’t put Qayin or Qalmana on the same altar as Santa Muerte. With that said, you can work with both traditions if you want to, just keep them apart and give them their proper attention.


Liber Falxifer is one of the best grimoires ever and connects easily with Qayin but he chooses the ones he works with and he likes a more individual approach even exclusive at some point. The sigils are very powerful and you can personalyze them with the special qayinite keys.