Why I think saying "you're wrong" about others experiences is...wrong

When it comes to experiences of spirits and entities, as I see it, it is very personal and individual. That includes the knowledge passed down from them to us, aswell. Sure it is a minimal amount of resemblances in these experiences were our senses play a big part of what we can achieve in our communication with them. We have our five senses as a part of communication: Sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. We also have the seven major chakras, which includes the third eye as another part of communication. This is, as I see it, where the resemblance of experience is. Our senses is a part of it. Which ones, is very much individual.

A few people have connections to all of their senses, and others can have more than one sense active, while others only have one active sense. This is, as I see it, the basic of interaction with spirits and entities.

When we put the basics aside, our own journey with the spirits and entities will look very different from one another. Saying “you’re wrong”, doesn’t mean one is “right”. Generalizations by books and religion, without actual experience is, as I’ve noticed, a common phenomena in forums around internet. Some people tend to generalize their own experiences as “facts” and see others experiences as something “wrong” because it doesn’t match their own. Even kings and queens of other dimensions get generalized by myths and legends about them, making some of them to not live up to the books about them. It doesn’t make them less powerfull as sentient beings, but the perspective of individuality will put a deeper meaning of them.

My journey is my journey alone. Just like yours. Who am I to say “you’re wrong”? When it all comes down to it, it’s all about interpretations of our own experiences. We all might be wrong, in some parts, but it’s our own experiences and no one can ever take that away from us.

While I generally sit comfortably in this camp, I can’t deny the experiments I’ve performed with my fiancée and a few magickal contemporaries I’m associated with, where we all evoked the same being on our own and shared our results, and ended up describing virtually the exact same being. (One appeared as roiling pink smoke to everyone, it’s kind of hard to fake that)

Isn’t that the whole issue of bringing mystics, magicians, seekers or whatever you’d like to call them together? Their experiences are so vastly different that they tend to fight for validation.

Imagine someone from a classic religious background having a soul journey and meeting an angel, much like the books describe. Then imagine that person reading on forums that the angelic current is not tied to religion at all but is instead a semi-conscious structure to maintain the structure of the dimensional experiences. That’s not going to go down well right? They’re in heaven, silly.

In that same vein imagine a person who’s never had a lucid dream, soul journey, impressive vision or anything in that vein. This person can’t even remember his or her dreams. However, he or she has seen a spirit at night once that looked like a demon. As above, so below. As within, so without. Will this person ever believe the unlimited inner self is capable of manifesting such spirits in their (exclusive) external world? As above, so below. As within, so without? Unlikely.

Some level of judgement, at least in the sense of “I don’t think he really gets what he’s talking about” is logical, since everyone has such a personal viewpoint. In the end one is not more valid then the other, though some are of course more liberating and thus more empowering than others.

For me it was quite difficult initially, I would read succes stories on forums or hear people discount the power, position or characteristics of a certain Deity and start doubting my work, and more importantly, my experiences. Did I truly evoke Hekate if I did not do all the pathworking from “The Queen of hell”? Afterwards she came to me in my dreams and gave me something to drink I could still taste in my mouth when I woke up - maybe it was just a fantasy induced lucid dream?

Long story short, judgement and doubt are bound to happen when you start out with magick or ascent work, we come from the normal world, the word normal says it all - there has to be a standard and norm for everything. To some Satan has to be the devil. To others he is older than Christianity and can’t be limited in such a way. As you progress and figure out what is true for you the conclusion will follow that what works for one might not work for another, yet can still be as real as your experiences (for if you seek the devil out to tempt your soul you may find him).

Besides, on the flip-side, some people aren’t supposed to acces certain powerful currents or liberating ideas just yet. If some people get stuck in ritual work that never manifests anything beyond some euphoria and the idea that they’re doing something special - perhaps that’s just their initiation for the time being? Imagine how crappy it would be for those people to feel just fine about themselves until they find a bunch of “real” magicians that tell them they’re basically armchair without even the chair :wink:

Anyway, just thinking out loud in this pretty open topic.

You can’t be wrong about what you experience. You can only be wrong about the conclusions you draw from those experiences.

^ Agreed. And even then it’s only really someone else’s business if you ask for feedback, keeping pushing your ideas down people’s throats in a way that annoys people, or insist that seeing the face of Justin Beiber in a teacake makes you special or something…

As I see it, there is nothing wrong in asking for feedback, depending on it’s purpose with it. Feedback for confirmation, seems to raise more questions than actual answers. That’s just because we experience these events on an individual point of view.

Even if most spirits and entities have characteristics in their personality and appearance, there is no guarantee it will appear the same in all evocations and invocations. That doesn’t mean there isn’t experiences that appear the same for several people, like Creed’s example above.

With my own experiences over the years and reading about others experiences in different forums, it seems that most of them lack depths of details of what they’ve actually been through. There may be a few reasons for that occurrence, of course, like keeping some of it in private for respect of the spirit or entity. On the other hand, when looking for validation and feedback, vivid explanations of an experience makes it harder to give a good answer to.