Why I stopped asking for advice

So you might have noticed that I have not asked for advice in a while. There is a very specific reason for this. While I love and greatly respect everyone here who gives me advice. Even though I know they are much more advanced than I am. Even though I could probably do what I want in half the time if took their advice. I know that I won’t put it into action, not because I don’t think they are right but rather I’m frankly too lazy :joy:. Now I’m making this post to say. Don’t ask for advice if you don’t plan on following through with it. It will do you no good and might even make people who would have helped you give up on you. I’m not saying don’t ask for advice I’m just saying that you need to be completely sure you will do it. And above all DON’T EVER blame them for your continued problem if you haven’t even attempted to do what they said.


I read this post title and thought you would hit on something profound, something that I would have said, but no, I was actually surprised by it. Here I expected to find a whole post about how advice becomes misleading, advice is simply, if I were in your shoes, I would do x. but the point is you know yourself better than someone else can know you, so advice can be misleading and move a person further away from their true selves when they take it without qualification.


I have never asked for advice, because I want to keep my experiences my own, and do magic in my own ways and conditions. Sure, a few readings here and there, and that’s it.

In a general sense, advice can be good. But there’s times when questions doesn’t take us anywhere. On the contrary, the more questions we have, the less we will step out of the comfort zone to set our own conditions to evolve.

I wouldn’t have come this far if I asked questions. I did my research, made my choice and keep doing my daily chores with the company of two wonderful spirits.


never expierienced “instant knowing”?



@Yberion - It’s amazing the first time you experience it. I was like, “huh?” lol


Sometimes, but it’s more like doing things my way, than following others. I tried following others methods, but the results wasn’t satisfying. Adding the flavor of myself by adding changes and improvements on other methods, gives me better results.