Why I love Omnipotence

Got turned away at the club door to a friend’s birthday party by some ugly bitch for no reason other than she had decided to be a cunt to me to sate her lust for power in her otherwise powerless life.

It’s the last mistake she’ll ever make.

Karma. I am its instrument. It’s that simple.


Killing her, ey? Good on you! As magi, we are the apex of humanity.

And we’ve got about 7 billion mud souls to screw around with AND YOUR GODDAMN PICTURE IS GLOWING WHY THE FUCK IS IT GLOWING AGAIN

I’ve had enough. I’m clearing out the shit one piece at a time.

Good for you, friend! Say, you have some snow by you? Try killing a lot of people through it. Tell me how that goes.

hey! keep us posted. i’m interested in hearing how it all turns out