Why I am not feeling anything?

Hey everyone. So, I’m new to this forum and to magic. I’ve been reading posts here and information from books and others sites for about 15 days now.
I’ve tried to contact entities in many ways, but I’ve really never felt anything. Some here say that spirits talk to them, that they appear before them, that they touch them or hear them… but me? Nothing. I haven’t been able to feel a damn thing.
Any clues on why this might be? I should say I’m not too good at concentrating and meditation.


That would be where you should start, with meditation and concentration. The joy of satan website has some interesting guides for meditations, and chakra work.


I agree meditation and concentration. Don’t rush it. Listen to your dreams, write them down. Listen to that little voice inside your head.


You need to have atleast to some extent developed senses to be able to feel any kind of energy vibe around you. Site written above is good for start :+1:


Brother, communicating with spirits like that is not that easy, even for the adepts. As a neophyte you should start with meditation and simple magic, like sigil magick.


Its a marathon not a race,

Take a shaman approach if you want quick results,

Or I can send you some type of angry beast to spur you into sensation lol


I see that the path I need to take is meditation. I have two weeks off from school so’ll start with that ASAP.

Another question: Do I need to feel the spirits in order to request something? I wrote a letter to Sallos yesterday. Said his name over 100 times while looking at his sigil, then wrote the letter asking for the love of a certain person, then masturbated and camed on it, then I burned it. I put all my intentions into it, should I espect results?

Yes. At the same point, put it out of your mind if you can

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The first thing you can do is to focus on remembering your dreams.
Before going to sleep, relax for 10-15 minuter and do some affirmations like - I remember my dreams in high detail. Keep your dream diary.
Breathing exercises and body relaxation are also extremly beneicial to any magical practise.
The next thing could be a visualisation. Just 5-10 minutes, anything you like.
It will help you a lot and you will have a different perspective just in a couple of days.

Good luck!

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Correct timing and correct tools.Then they will come

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No. Also, request is not really how I would approach it. More like assert your will politely.

Awesome advice right here.

Yeah, lol, I do. Some people really are advanced practitioners and can really have those experiences. Others are completely full of shit, and LARPing.

Most I have spoken to that know their stuff will tell you the same thing; actual, visual/physical contact in a way that makes your jaw drop is a very rare occasion. Don’t feel bad.

Also, if you are only 15 days in, I would not even worry about that stuff. It is a life’s work that most never complete, because it may not in fact even be something that can be done.

Sounds like you already figured out a big one; meditation. While meditation alone will not really let you see spirits, think of it as an essential exercise in your spiritual development that (usually) has a beneficial effect on everything else you do. It strengthens the mind and allows for development of spiritual senses.

You really do have to meditate. Also,I would begin studying the LBRP, and practicing daily. There is so much more going on with the LBRP than banishing that if you are not at least attempting it, you are cheating yourself.


Thank you for your elaborated answer.

First off, what’s LBRP?

Second, I don’t really want to see spirits for now. I just wanted to feel something (doesn’t matter if it’s noise, smell, touch or just a sensation), so that I can confirm that I’m actually talking to somebody and not just saying words out loud.

Third, do you have any advice on how to let go of something? I’m lusting for results right now and I know that’s interfearing with my magic. It is, of course, love matters. I find it very hard to stop thinking about a girl I want to get back with, and I know I have to let go of her if I want to get somewhere.

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Practise magick :slight_smile:
It’s addicitive and could consume so much of your time and attention.

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Ok, first of all, welcome eric433.
You should understand, that most of these i see, i here, i touch “xx” entity are based on expierience.
They come from developing several skills.
As you start your Ascend you may want into the 3 main Godly Powers, Omnipresence, Omnisience, and Omnipotence.
Those are teached through specific curses by E.A. but can also develop natrually by working through material and establishing Spiritual connections.
Know, that as you are supported by those beings, you in one way or the other also support them.
Especially with high ranking Entitys like demonic kings, princes. They know exactly how to you a mortal if they need to.
I don’t say this to scare you. In fact, i tell you this to make you aware, that what you’re able to achieve from here on, isn’t even inside of your vision yet.

In regards of Concentration, i almost need to lough!
Reading and writing are done by concentration.
You’ve just proven you’re capable of both!
And meditation.
Do you ever sit in front of TV or movies?
Few people would consider it that way, but seen from outside you’re in a meditative state as you engage in that habit.
A great teacher once said: Meditation is often teached wrong.
It is teached by explaining how to sit, how to breathe, and how to access the awareness.
Yet, Meditation is something completely different.
It’s letting go.
Letting go of thinking,
Letting go of moving,
and for some even letting go of breath.
Letting go of awareness.
Even letting go of Being.
So if i tell you to sit still, you’ll be under presure and tend to move.
But if i just tell you to sit, and you follow my order, you’re much closer to the goal from the beginning.
So sit, my friend.

Notice, that you can access your awareness of your being.
Notice then, the becomming in your being.

Be welcome to share your expierience from there. ;)



Man just :joy: you’re too funny.

I agree not a race just enjoy the journey. :wink:

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Thank you all for your answers. I’ve already downloaded books about meditation. I think I need to dominate that before starting to actually do anything.


which easy spells would you recommend? Money magick? Something that can bring me easy results… I don’t mean “how to get a million dollars” just something small, like a few bucks or maybe 100

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