Why Human Limitation was never intended

I just want to see you ramble down on this.

It’s known to anyone who’s aknowledged the goodhood wíthin.

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Humans are aspects of the source, thus containing a universe of infinite potential within ourselves.


So… we don’t know shit, because its our hidden nature?

How would the absolute creator, whatever you believe that is, realize him-her-itself without experiencing the limitation of being a creature ? A creator without a creature doesn’t exist. Power that could never be channeled or used, is power-less. Energy is absolute, but it must take limited form… on the other hand, being absolute, creates endless possibilities for energy to trans-form. This infinite transformation is what we call life.

As above, so below. As within so without. As this transformation takes place in the macrocosm, it also takes place in the microcosm. We call that, evolution.


nice one PrinceX.
What about the concept of no evolution happening?
There are belief systems (quite a few, to be honest) that state most stuff was created to be the form it is?
Just wanted to undermine where you’re going here.

And then, here’s what i really consider to be the disturbing bit:
Most views towards the creator assume it to be in some way like us.
What i found from Demonoligy as well as Astrology, Most existing matter isn’t anywhere near the way we are.
That’s why evoking Planetary Aspect’s challanges Magicians so heavily aswell.
Planets have a completely different understanding of Time, and Forces then we do.
Yet, i See the Creation Aspect to be a Source which Planets evolve from, us Creatures being in a sense on a very different schedual alltogether. :wink:

Go on with the Rambeling, please. I enjoy what’s comming. :smiley:




Thank you, My pleasure :smiley:

Let’s star with evolution, then the creator and finally our unique existence…

Evolution as a process maybe a theory because there many missing links… but if we connect the dots and fill gaps with little imagination, logic and common sense… we will find that at least, things were never the way they are all the time. To suggest that we’re the only species on the planet that somehow escaped evolution, while the planet and everything else couldn’t… is a long shot. Not logical and no evidence to support it other than hopes and ego-based wishes. But that doesn’t mean we’re modern apes as the traditional theory suggests. There is always another option and I personally believe that’s what we’re going to find out. Maybe at the end of this post :wink:

Regarding the creator… I believe the idea that he’s somewhat like us, is very ancient concept that doesn’t exist anymore except within the Judeo-Christian-Islamic fundamental mentality which insists on taking “scriptures” Literally and believe in a human-like God and gives him gender, names, sons and daughters and storyline to explain his character and actions. Even the pope probably doesn’t believe that anymore!

How about the eternal human tragedy?.. the idea of the lonely fallen Gods? But we don’t know if we’re that unique or not. We have a lot to explore before we conclude that we’re that different. For example, many people believe we’re visited by far superior “alien” Intelligent beings since the beginning of human existence, until this day. And if only 0.1% of the huge amount of recorded encounters are true. Then it’s probably true. And that would take us to completely different view of ourselves and our place in the universe.

To connect few dots, some people suggest that we are related to those who came from above. Our creators. No problem with that. But no proof yet so we will have to keep it mind until we can prove it. What we know, is that we can connect - at least logically - the existence of lower life forms around us, our own existence and the existence of species with much more advanced intelligence. By doing so, maybe we can find the missing link in evolution. But instead of looking in the sand for it, we need to look up to the sky and we will find it. Evolution doesn’t have to occur in one place… we learned the story of our own sun from observing the evolution of other solar systems. We are all connected.

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There’s one dot missing, as I see it:

To evolve, it needs to REVOLVE. There’s no evolution, if there’s no REVOLUTION. That’s why nature changes throughout time, because life revolves to adapt.

It’s all about adaptations, even from a creators perspective.


I think opposite on that idea. I think human limitation was intentional. I don’t agree with evolution totally, but more with Zecharia Sitchin on humans were not a creation of earth but of DNA manipulation. Humans don’t have any of what all beings on earth have. Which is the evolutionary traits to deal with the planet. From our walk, to our skin, we don’t resemble none of the life on earth. We stand out like a sore thumb in every way. The only thing that puts up at the top is our mental capacity. Genetically, we should have tougher skin and a walk that doesn’t cause bone issues… something similar to monkeys… even our DNA drops two chromosomes from that of monkeys… humans are a strange being to the rest of the life forms. Even our scent fucks with animals… I believe our mental capacity is limited intentionally to not be as advanced as our creators.


Very good point, I totally agree with you on that.

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On that I agree. But what humans do have is Revolutionary Traits, mixed with a few evolutionary traits to adapt to the elements of nature. Why do you think Inuits can withstand cold better than people from the temperate zones, or why can Africans withstand heat better than Europeans? That’s because it is evolutionary, even if it’s less evolutionary than other mammals.

Humans evolve through revolution, which is the reason we get much older today. We have science to thank for that. But we’re less adaptive to nature than our ancestrals was. A neanderthal was much more prominent to survive in the wild by mere strength alone, but then the homo sapiens sapiens came out of nowhere, outwitted the neanderthal and even mated with them. Most of us have a few percent neanderthal genes in our DNA, and that could be the reason our bodies isn’t fully adaptive to the wild nature. Revolution got rid of the neanderthals.


Yes I do agree with what you’re saying in regards to Revolutionary traits… as all living beings need to evolve. But the length of time for the human should be, and was, much longer. Africans don’t withstand heat better, nor do inuits withstand cold. That’s incorrect and insensitive to our darker folk. According to science, our bodies are all capable of withstanding more than our current limitations allow. For insistence… the placebo effect. And as for Neanderthals… that’s what I mean… homo sapien sapien is a hybrid of what the original were. Many of our traits are different entirely… what I’m saying is, evolution doesn’t make anything weaker… evolution is like an upgrade to the existing traits… We homo sapien sapiens are an entirely different being altogether. More brain mass but less dense skin, bone, and every other trait that every animal on this planet has. And revolution got rid of the Neanderthals because we hunted them. Or that’s what historians keep ranting… but it does make sense to how we currently think. Point being that evolution doesn’t make such a drastic change, it’s in stages as needed… that’s why people are looking for the “missing link”.

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I think we should also consider the idea of mutations in nature. We imagine or think of evolution as a gradual logical, step by step process, that creates more of the same, with little tweaks here and there to adopt changes in nature or the surrounding environment. But what about mutations? Maybe that explains the change in our DNA and creation of different species that almost came out of nowhere. At least this theory is provable more than the idea of creators.

Mutations don’t drop, or add, chromosomes. The idea behind a missing link is to prove our evolutionary jump. But, homo sapian sapians arent a small leap…it’s a fuck load of genetic material and mutations that would’ve taken possibly another 100k years. Instead we somehow did the impossible without no intervention? Idk about that one. We’re not just unique, we’re extraordinary compared to other lifeforms on Earth. And, genetic mutations are weeded by that very nature. Life ungoes genetic mutations, but the adaptable and strong mutations live on. This lessens the amount of bad genetics. When creating hybrid food like corn, carrots, eggplant, etc…they have genetic mutations that would make them unfit for the wild…all those foods were domesticated by human intervention. Thus the various defects.

I think we’re just different, with probably too much self awareness…