Why Don’t I Dream ? Or feel like I don’t Dream

As the title implies …
Is something I need to work on or their something block off like am I disconnected?
as I can’t seems to know if I dreamed or not :man_shrugging:t6:

I don’t think I dreamed a lot , but I can recall one or two dream I had in the past , very meaningful to me
but rarely do I dream? Especially lately
Normally when I know I dream I have no trouble recalling them? Anybody care to shed some enlightment on this for me ? Thanks

S/n when I do dream, I always know that I am in the dream state and I have full control and wilt always. ( I don’t know if that means anything)

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It could be that you are forgetting your dreams. Do you keep a dream journal?


Everyone dreams. It is a natural function of the mind. Even those in a deep coma do.

You simply don’t always remember them. Not every dream you have will automatically stand out in your mind.

I am the same way. I might remember one dream out of a hundred if I’m lucky.


This was discussed in my favourite dream working book, Dreamgates by Robert Moss, where his theory is that you’re waking well after dreaming is complete. But, if you set your alarm a bit earlier or got to bed at a different time, although it’s not ideal health wise to throw off your circadian rhythms, you’ve got a better chance of waking up mid dream.

You can also prime your subconscious by thinking about dreams and telling yourself you will remember your dreams tonight as you go to sleep.

At that point it’s important to write them down. There’s a magik in this, in that the more you honour your dreams and capture them, the more you remember them, and the more and better dreams you have.
At least, it works for me.

It also works the other way, that if I stop writing the dreams down, or really, paying attention to them and thinking them through, then I stop remembering them after a while.


I keep a journal … I just don’t think I do


You don’t think you do what?

Your brain doesnt see them as important.

I personally only remember visions and nightmares.
As a cautious yet fearless person, my guardians give me nightmares with heavy symbolism to warn me and teach me of things to come.

It became much easier to dream after i asked lucifer to grant me dreams

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I don’t think dream . Lol , I keep a journal , I probably have 1 Dream since I remember writing my dream down since last year

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Ok. I would focus on what everyone else has said cuz that’s about all the advice I can give.

Turn off your wifi.


The thing is to remember them long enough to write stuff down. Even though I know how horrible most of the night mares i have I kinda wish I could remember them all that would either be nice or a fuck living nightmare but a lot easier constantly forgetting all of them. Even with new dreams I can hardly remember I just remember parts of the ones I logged. I would actually like to find a method too remember the rest.

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You are not alone!

If you smoke weed it can severely affect sleep/dreams and memory. I never remember my dreams when i have it in my system. Not sure if this pertains to you but might be helpful

I’m with the majority of posters here. You are dreaming but you’re not remembering it. You lose 90% of your your dreams in the first 3-5 minutes of waking up. This is why it’s very important to keep a notepad by the bed and make a habit of scribbling down whatever you can in your half awake disoriented state.

Well, in that case, every day you don’t remember your dreams, write on the journal: “Today I decided not to remember my dream”, instead of keeping it blank.

This will force your mind to remember eventually.

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That’s a good suggestion.

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I made a weed syrup that I’ve been drinking lately when I do I have extremely vivid and strange dreams that I usually remember Embrace Mary Jane brother
MAKE SOME THC POTION! :japanese_ogre::call_me_hand:

That’s something I wish I did more I wish I kept the journal and took more pictures it’s great living in the moment but it really helps when you’re trying to look back and remember to have pictures and whatnot