Why doesn't opening a sigil actually work?

I seriously can’t open a sigil. Why is this so hard to do? Whats the secret to doing this?

There is no huge secret. Just relax and gaze at the lines till they blur or flash. Don’t think too much about it. Once open you will know…


Open the sigil in order to “have fun” as suggested by EA Koetting in relation to all Magick. Sure, these practices are theoretically serious, in fact the point is finding a middle path, applying a sort of alchemy between these 2 ingredients of fun and seriousness.

Just relax as much as possible. It’s not impossibly for you to open a sigil, as the blurriness and visual distortion is literally just something your eyes do. It will happen if you relax enough and focus loosely.

Try this: relax, breath of course. Then think of the sigil as a door. A closed door. Then let you thought, your awareness travel to that sigil and knock on it. Do it gently but do it again and again, until you notice there’s someone on the other side. Maybe it’s a feeling a general sense of energy of what might be on the other side. Then start to back off to be fully on your body and in then at some point while returning fully to your body see that door opening… like a two way door, see if something shines out of it… maybe it’s light… maybe it’s darkness.

Try something like that, see if it works for u…
Usually with angelic sigils i literally dive inside of it. I literally see myself inside the white of the sigil. Then while i vibrate the name of the angel i let my conscience travel inside of it until a see a figure. Then i notice, is it carrying a sword? A staff? a book?? does it use a hoodie a get a general impression of the being.


I also want to add, if for some reason you can’t seem to get the sigil to distort and so on, you don’t need to gaze at the sigil that long to call a spirit effectively. Just call to the spirit as you focus on their sigil. It works without an issue as well.

I recommend the ritual in Adam Blackthorne’s ‘The Master Works of Chaos Magick’. It really is a good one and gives all the keys.

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I’ll take a look

  1. Inability to keep your eyes in the same position (i.e. your gaze sliding away from the sigil)
  2. Having to blink a lot
  3. Not gazing at the white/negative space in the sigil or not gazing “through” the sigil; staring at it too intently
  4. Expecting a big obvious sign when it’s done. People talk about the sigil “flashing”, this can mean anything from the sigil overlapping in your vision, certain parts/lines of it fading randomly in and out of sight, the sigil changing colour (usually if it’s not just black on a white background), or the lines seeming to blur together, or the sigil appearing to move around a bit on the page.

As @Dankquanicus said, if you gaze at something 2D long enough (with minimal blinking/eye movement), your brain will assume it’s important and will automatically try to render the object in 3D and filter out any background imagery, which results in this “flashing” phenomenon.

Notice I said “gaze”, not “stare”. Like the difference between idly letting your gaze rest somewhere and realising you’ve had your eyes focused on a random person across the room; not staring at someone purposefully and intently without blinking while you hold your breath and strain all your muscles.

I also remember reading a thread or comment a while ago where someone recommended drawing the sigil on aluminium foil, apparently this helps a lot to “open” a sigil.