Why doesn't meditation release anything?

Been meditating and can go into states of energetic bliss, oneness or void like experiences with relative each.

But once the ego mind comes back into focus and all the usual feelings of depression amongst other things all come flooding back and nothing has actually changed.

Less mind chatter but still no emotional release etc.

What meditations have you guys used for emotional release that actually worked?

Clearly there are still a lot of working to be done.
As someone who suffered with depression and suicidal thoughts for like 15 years there are a bunch of reason why you might suffer from depression. And yeah meditation alone wont cure them. But it gives you some perspective right?
What i did to get rid of my depression was a mix of meditation, mantras and LBRP for like a week. When you do LBRP it starts to cast away hooks and parasites it also start to facilitate the transformation of your energetical and astral bodies.
When you reach that right blissful state in meditation, because of the hooks and parasites that might still be around your lower self, when you conscience comes back to your lower self… that state of bliss starts to disappear. So what you need to do is start to free and clean your lower self and your energetical body so when you conscience returns… it can lasts on that state of bliss for longer.
First time my vibration rose up to a state of bliss and pure joy because i was already doing the LBRP for a little while, i stayed on that state to pretty much “cure” my depression.
Don’t get me wrong, there are still sad things that happen, but… hopefully your conscience will shifted enough to point where you realize that you’re completely capable and in control to choose not to engage in those feelings.

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Find some mantras that truly speak to your soul you know… Listen to it for a few days… learn the lyric… chant with it. It will start changing your conscience hopefully. It will also help some with the transformation of your energetical body.

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Can’t say i have used meditation for emotional release. I use it to work through the unconscious issues that build up and work through them over time. Rarely a pleasant experience but more helpful in the long run to clear out internal conflicts.


I’ve tried all types of mantras but the LBRP looks like a good fit as something new to me.

Glad you mostly got over your depression as it’s debilitating at times and meditation does help show you that the mind is a cause.

:joy::joy::joy::joy:…funny how you want to wipe years of programming and conditioning from a week’s session of meditation…
Meditation gives you clarity so you can sort out The BS and face them head on… These are thought patterns implanted in your head that lead to the present you… So you’ll probably need to go through some form of death to be released from this bondage

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And boy isn’t this painful

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Meditation is just like escapism for me as I “disappear” mostly as a sense of ego, crashing back inevitably into the exact same place regardless of what happens in the meditation.

The LBRP will at least be useful to help break some attachments and other things.

I guess that’s why working with spirits is a good option, as unearthing your own BS isn’t easy whilst these beings can much more easily point out our shortcomings.

Im on similar page as @dinmiatus . I find it brings up unconscious issues. Not Pleasant at all. But after its worked through makes life better.

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Meditation brings awareness. Releasing have to be done with self awareness reflection to make meanings of what comes up in a positive light not judgement or reaction to whatever comes up. If you have neg feelings reaction come up then your not releasing your reinforcing which is doing opposite of what you want. The reflection part is what release the neg. emotion attached to it. It also gives you chance to release the neg feeling when it do come up. Being aware of the neg emotion helps you reflect. If you are in the neg emotion and fear the neg emotion, it won’t release. It’s about reflection of self analysis of events. Like watching a movie and you make opinion of it. You do that to whatever comes up. Reframe the events/issues. Then it will release. Releasing is active not passive. That’s why in hypnosis session, the therapist guide and suggest for trauma to release by way of reframing views to be neutral or learning experience rather than it being trauma when the event happened.

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Practice positive thinking in your meditations , and positive thoughts