Why does this keep happening?

can someone ask a divine spirit for an answer because i still can’t hear or see them yet but i can feel them now. every time my ex and i make plans to see each other something always comes up. it’s been happening since last october and i just don’t understand why i can’t see him.

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I’m going to be honest, and you may or may not like or agree with what I’m going to tell you.

Just from my experience, if they say they are going to see you and something comes up, then they’re not interested. If interested, they would jump at the chance to see you. I would just move on, it’s much easier than sitting and wondering why.


Personally, I wouldn’t ask a divine spirit why this is happening, just because there could be any number of normal reasons for something like this happening. That being said, just because there’s not a magickal cause doesn’t mean there’s not a magickal solution if you’re interested.

If it’s spiritual help you’re looking for, Duke Sallos would be great for something like this. Personally, I’ve had excellent results with him. He helped strengthen my long distance relationship at a time when me and my girlfriend were in a very rough place, as well as improved my mental health and magickal skill. He may be able to help you connect back with your ex. I’ve also heard good things about Dantalion, although I’ve no personal experience with him.


yes i have heard good things about both Duke Sallos and Duke Dantalion. it’s really hard for me to connect with the goetic demons for some reason. i’m still a beginner too so that could be it. i’ve heard about this author Damon Brand who knows about these angels and i’ve been able to connect with them better and have gotten movement. that said i asked for no interference with my ex and i meeting today and life still got in the way :disappointed:

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