Why does the target commit suicide after the love spell

I don’t have all the answers to this one, but I did mess myself up pretty bad getting my husband back. I went psychotic after I allowed unconditional possession by Astaroth. I was like this for days. Lets just say it didn’t destroy “the self” but it destroyed any realization I had about the world. I was so delusional, I thought I was dead and that people were robots.

And, after all of that, he still wants to divorce me and do whatever his cousin suggested. I mean, he quit drinking 4 monster energy drinks a day, but shit is still not resolved. And now I see it could have been much much worse, but I didn’t really want a zombie love slave, but its like he is just a slave to culture and whatever his cousin told him.

Before his sudden declaration of wanting to divorce me, I could never understand why anyone would do love spells, but I was so depressed for like a month prior to that with all the stuff he was doing, and I guess I was so connected to him. I just hope this damn thing doesn’t kill us all.

I wish now I would have gotten on Gnu Jami with someone here who would have talked me out of doing it, but a big part of our dysfunctional relationship was the idea that I should cut connections with people from certain groups because he believed they were the illuminai or something, I don’t know anymore, all craziness. I mean, I could start a group, call it the illuminati, and even if it is just me making up bullshit some people would be naive enough to think the group was running the world cause of all the bullshit conspiracy theories out there.

Actually, I know people are going to foolishly do love spells to get a specific person back, but I would say to anyone considering it, please please talk with a knowledgeable magickally inclined friend or hire a professional before proceeding. I know you want to be arrogant and think you are all gods here, and that is how it starts, you know what happens to gods, they go to hell.

In general however, I don’t think other kinds of magic on average approach the level of danger in love magick. I mean, not that they can’t, but with love magick you are like messing with people at a fundamental level, not just changing what they do on a passing whim or just getting some random person to take an interest in you.

I’ve honestly never had one work at all. Atleast not to my knowledge.

I think overcoming someone else’s will with magick like that is a lot harder than most people make it out to be , especially on these forums

The same thing with killing someone or cursing them unless you have a demon do it for you

They’re either sexually/romantically attracted or not imo and for the spell to work you have to over come their free will by a lot to manipulate them to that degree or their attraction to who ever it is they desire for them to start thinking of you that way

With killing someone your spell has to be strong enough to overcome their will to live

Just calling it like I see it is all

They can make the target kinda lose their mind a bit. If you try to open up a person and pour in infatuation (right, because I think we can all agree love spells don’t actually cause love), obsession, or something similar, it’s likely a person will feel something is wrong.
And when you can’t decide what’s wrong or what’s making you feel such a different way then it fucks with your mind.
People go crazy long story short. And then, kill themselves because they don’t know how to cope with it.

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I don’t know why some folks on here do this. People never seem to assume that they themselves just lack the skill/ability to do something…they just come to the conclusion that magick is weak. It’s like if i tried to play an instrument and failed every time…instead of coming to the conclusion that I’m just not skilled enough to perform it yet, i conclude that its simply not possible/its waaay harder than what people make it out to be…even though many many others have performed the work just fine. No one likes to come to the conclusion that they just suck at something and need to work harder at it

The truth is that love spells are no more difficult than any other spell. I have enough experience with it to know that…but people have so many hangups over it that it gets in their way mentally. I have a whole thread of peoples successes with it, so the evidence doesn’t really agree with this idea that these forums underestimate how hard it is. If you’re going to say something like that, your evidence can’t be “well, its hard for me so…”


I have to say I think I’m 19 and I’ve never had a girlfriend before, Halfway through my life I was socialized, devoted myself to learning and acquiring knowledge so I had no time to make a lover, I’ve never had sex I haven’t had a lover I don’t even know how to talk to a woman…I also want to say that I wanted a spiritual being that would really be friends with me, I always wanted to talk to them all my life, but something inside of me tried to force me to give it up.4 years passed by researching them and getting information, I did not have time to make a lover whenever I called them, nothing came, I did not feel their energies I have not been with me for 4 years I have fallen into this loneliness I just want to see the light outside the dark cave…

Can you make people go insane with a null spell if it strong enough?

I don’t think Love spells work properly on me. I think they lower my attack stat a little bit instead.

You have to take physical action. Unless you want a spirit for a lover, you’re going to have to actually do something. Like go out and meet people and put in effort. Why should magick help you if you don’t try to help yourself (separately) too.

I also have friends with whom I talk from time to time. Most of them are on the internet. I am not handsome.Unfortunately I cannot make new friends and lovers, I am shy and I get bored after a while.I use the magick to change my life, Using Magick I never wanted dear and new friends, my goal is not to be a living god but to die as a billionaire if you have a dream in this world, you can make it happen with money if you can’t have money, if you want to live a better life, you use magick.Thanks to Magick, I have acquaintances who are very rich, they live in extreme luxury and get on lamborghini bentley range rover cars to change life, magick only guides.

I don’t know what you mean by null spell. I know I’ve directed energy at targets for rather minor things, and then had them pull me aside, tell me they felt like they were loosing it, the things they were hearing and see etc…

Once it was someone close to me and prompted me to pull back what I’d done, because even though it was minor, they were about to loose their shit, and were in need of a major grounding.

Unless you know every trauma the person has ever been through, even healing can send them of kilter and cause them to loose it imop. :woman_shrugging:

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Because the spell actually worked. You ask that someone becomes obsessively in love with you, then that’s exactly what you get. Then when you don’t want them anymore, the target can’t handle it and you’ve got blood on your hands.

I cast one love spell and everything came as I wanted it except for the target. It appears that the target that was hit was someone else and it’s kind of awkward.

A target can end their lives if their will is in conflict with the will of the caster, as in usually love spells have to feed into whatever feelings of affection are already there, if there is none it causes a conflict of interest, it can trigger the person having self hate for these random feelings for someone they otherwise would never see themselves with same with how some people try and turn a straight person gay or a gay person straight and so forth. It’s a conflict of interest that can cause the individual to have some internal conflicts.

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Speaking as someone who is bound to someone else against their will, with no way to break said bond (yet…), you go through a lot of heavy emotions. They are very hard to handle when the other person does not care for you in return.

Here’s the story real quick: I have a protective working set up with 9 bindrune talismans. This is against the pandemic, at my workplace. I mixed the ink with my own blood. I told one of the guys (the only other magical practitioner) not to put his blood on his talisman to charge it, to just use his saliva with intent. Well, he forgot to charge his talisman one full moon, and then decided he would charge it with his blood the next time. So he did. Hard.

I’d had a crush on him for awhile but after he rejected me I was doing pretty well getting over him while still maintaining the work relationship/friendship since he is a pretty good friend of mine.

He didn’t tell me he charged it with his blood and I was flooded with waves of his energy, to top it off I’m clairsentient/claircognizant/psychic and he’s a psychic empath.

You feel obsession, you feel despair. If you already struggle with despair it can feel unbearable. You want to kill yourself to end the pain of this unrequited love.

Unfortunately, since he had charged it with his blood once, he now has to keep doing it, and I struggle to keep the feelings it has amplified in me at bay. Sound crazy? Unfortunately, that’s how it is. Recently he charged his talisman the same way I charge mine when we made a new ward, and after that night he asked me if I had ever done an erotic binding on someone because he had “read about them recently”(he is a “baby” magician). Coincidence? I think not. He claims it affects him just as much, but I doubt that is true, or he would want to be with me.

Love spells work if the person is attracted to you. If you decide you do not want that person, it is terrible for them, it breaks them, even a strong person can be broken down over time. Because he rejected me before, I will never tell him how I feel now. I still consider suicide objectively, though I refuse to do it.

Anyway, no judgement, just wanted to chime in with a personal experience.

Peace. xx