Why does the target commit suicide after the love spell

Love is for the heart as hope is for the mind. Both can strengthen or break a person. Some souls cannot handle the loss, especially when obsession and other factors are in the mix.

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Great post! It just occurred to me after reading this that love spells could be used for baneful reasons. If you like getting your hands dirty you could really fuck with someone whose under the influence of a love spell.


A lot of love spells force an emotional response within their targets. Imagine if you suddenly started feeling strong emotions towards someone you dislike, emotions you cannot accept because they are antithetical to your being. You reject these emotions but they are forced upon you anyways. It gets harder and harder to stay sane with your very being tearing itself apart over emotions that you can’t accept. If you are in that sort of situation, that sharp knife starts looking pretty good after a while doesn’t it?

Love spells are generally bad news. Instead of that, try to work on your charisma, and maybe cast something to bring new potential love interests into your life. There are plenty of fish in the sea after all.


I’ll never understand why this is such a hangup for people who routinely use magick to do things against peoples will on a regular basis, but for me, I have zero qualms using magick on a specific person. We live in a deregulated sexual marketplace now where there are basically no rules. Its survival of the fittest with every man for themselves. Given how cutthroat the dating game is now, I welcome any edge I can acquire to get what I want. Your question has already been well answered, but ill just say that you really shouldn’t worry about the target committing suicide. I’ve read through many stories involving love magick, and the vast majority don’t end with someone dying.


Oh @Verdo! You’ve gone and taken the romance out of it now lol

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Romance is dead, and Ladilok killed it (for me) :slightly_smiling_face:

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So who should I wake up for a quick and powerful result?Or what spell should I try.

Hmmm :thinking: Ladilok sounds like a hero :+1:

If you’re a guy, and you want complete domination in the dating game, ladilok will help you play on easy mode.

@KhaZix Welp, i often refer people to Kendall’s love spell which you are familiar with. In terms of entities, I like Ladilok and Sitri personally, but i may be after different things than you

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Taking the advice of Gordon Winterfield, I suggest that before doing any spell or ritual we must think about whether we really want the result and how committed we are to it. Magic works, it is very powerful and therefore should not be used lightly.
Love and lust are things that you have to know how to distinguish between them.
If one makes a love spell it will produce love, love is bilateral and if it is not reciprocated it brings frustration and depression that can lead to suicide when the operator “stops loving” and the spell continues to have an effect on the object.
On the other hand, what a lust spell produces is a sexual encounter and in many of these cases the desire is exhausted with the result.


Yes. I’ve considered Ladilok in the past, not made the call to her/him before and for a long time now I seem to only do angelic workings so I’m thinking your prompt is timely and definitely worth looking into :+1:

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have you worked with Ladilok? how did you do it?
Personally, I have tried the system that EA describes in KOF, but it is taking a lot of work between the visualization of the door, its opening and the necessary concentration. I constantly return to see my notes and I feel that that breaks a little “the magic of the moment”

Just add “without harm” to the spell on the end will help you avoid all this… but it might also stop the spell if it has to cause harm to someone for it to work!!!

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I have yes, but you don’t need to open the gates as EA describes in the book in order to use those entities. All you need to do is use whatever method you’re accustomed to when it comes to evocation/sigil magick and bring the entity forth


My friend, the girl I love, broke up from her boyfriend and started using tinder, there are lots of flirtations, my relationship with her is a friendship, I want her heart to beat for me that I want from her no then I won’t put another woman in my life, I don’t want to see him with someone else yet because I love him so much so I have to be fast no it’s not a sex-based relationship I really want a love from him. Since you are experienced in this field, I want to ask you who should I call and what should I do?

Alright. If i were you, I’d go with Gremory. You draw Gremory’s sigil on a piece of paper, and use the method outlined here. Another method would be to buy the book from Gallery of Magick called Demons of Magick, and follow ritual one from the book, using Gremory’s seal given in the book. It seems to be effective for a lot of newcommers, so take your pick

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I know how to open the sign, but I called Amon to aniel, I said my intention, nothing happened.

Pretty much any magic can make a target go insane if it’s strong enough, so Yeah I agree, idk why we see this as such a hang up at times. Other times I’m like well, I guess if they think they love someone they don’t want to risk it.

Most of the time the people asking however, are unlikely to succeed with the work anyways, so there’s not exactly anything to be worried about lmao.

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How long did you wait? Also, calling multiple entities up to handle a single task tends to be a sign of desperation among newcommers, which often gets in the way of success. You need to pick one entity and stay with it

I have my theories

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gremory have the coolest sigil. lol it looks like a happy face. haha.

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