Why does the target commit suicide after the love spell

While reviewing love spells on the forum, I saw those who said the results, There are also those who say their target killed themselves as well as those who say their target is in love with him.

In the article he shared in the sample c kendall ritual, he said that 3 people succeeded 2 people caused suicide.And other things I’ve seen have seen the writing where the girl killed herself on love spell subjects,What I want to understand is why magic is so dangerous, Why the result ends with the crushed person killing himself.

Let’s say a person the girl he loves is far away and there is no way to come X person made a love spell and the girl he loved killed himself because he could not see him, Will this possible scenario really be?Isn’t there a way to change this because one would never want a girl or a man he loves to kill himself for his fault.


And can I hear your experiences with good results❤️

Sometimes people get the spells in a moment of desperation, thinking they want to be with the target forever. They have the spell cast, then after time, realize they don’t want the target anymore and move on…meanwhile, the spell is still working over the target, target becomes obsessed with the person that had the spell cast, gets rejected and sometimes, not always, but sometimes ends up committing suicide because they can’t handle the rejection. They can’t handle the caster not loving them. They can’t handle not being with the caster. The list goes on…

That’s just one scenario that can happen when love spells are cast and ends in suicide.


Use the search function, there are threads with the requested info…

I got it so deaths happen with separation.

In my opinion, love is an extremely powerful and intense emotion. Forcing it upon someone can really mess with their minds.

For the record, my post last night, regarding seeking multiple but unspecified dating options vs one specific person, was about attraction. Attraction is not as intense as love.


It can be overwhelming. I’ve never had something this extreme happen though

I used a Venus sigil on a guy …
The problem started when I wanted to call it over before trying to undo the spell
He took an overdose and fainted all this while on a video call with me trying to avoid the breakup
He is fine now :pleading_face:
But I will never do love spells

Love should come natural !


There is a girl I love very much, I have really intense feelings for the last 1 month for 4 months, I want her heart and soul to be mine.But he’ll probably say we’re friends and reject me if I offer him a relationship, She has a boyfriend for a year already, and she cheated on her daughter many times, forgiving her for loving her so much.I can’t let this guy upset her anymore she’s such a beautiful girl i’m sure i can live with her for the rest of my life, This love can’t come naturally to me but I’m just afraid magic will hurt her, I never want him to hurt and kill himself I really love him.

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Love spells are baaaad, I thought about using one since I’m single but my morals are still preventing me, we’ll see …

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You have to be sure about your feelings

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This is awful

If you force someone to love you with such desperation, and then you reject them, you are wounding them deeply.

There are people who kill themselves over unrequited love. Whether this love is natural or the result of a spell, it is very powerful and a lot of people can’t handle it.

Does the girl who broke up with her boyfriend for a year and fell in love with me with magic commit suicide?

I doubt it.

She puts the girl in very difficult situations, she cheated once, I don’t want her to hurt her any more.Maybe his boyfriend could kill himself because he broke up, but it’s okay for me.

I just want to see the result at the end of the road, not nobody die…

Lot of very young people in their teens and early 20s asking and using binding love spells , you are still growing emotionally at that age and are not stable enough to be sure about someone , on the other hand the target gets flooded with emotions as a result of the spell working and isn’t emotionally mature enough to know how to handle them which maybe the reason for the whole mess!

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lots of variable. you can’t just point to love spells being the cause. they may have hardships in life already.