Why does my Ajna Chakra appear blue?

I’ve just started to work with my Chakra and energy by way of visualization. Every time I see my Ajna and work with my third eye it’s always skyblue? Just thought I would get the opinion of people with much more experience.
Much Thanks.


That’s how mine was before I blackened itm


What does that mean?

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Which part

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Whats blackening your Chakra?

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It’s bmoa thing, really I don’t know because it happened on its own in my own work with the black sun.


Once It changed did it affect anything?

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Psychic abilities became stronger.


It’s perceiving something it needs.

“Light Blue…a colour of peace
Blue is the colour of the sea and of the sky. It is cooling, cleansing and peaceful. It can be pretty baby blue, aqua coloured green-blue or deep indigo blue. Indigo will be covered later as I am meaning the blues of the daytime sky or the crystal clear colour of a paradise sea. Blue is magickally used for healing, love, peace, friendship, dreams and meditation. Wearing the colour can make you feel calmer and more relaxed as it soothes the entire body & mind, relieving insomnia and lowering blood pressure, and is the colour of choice for bedrooms and bathrooms for those very reasons. After all, these are the rooms you want to relax, heal and sleep in and you are simply using colour magick to aid these benefits.
Blue crystals: blue lace agate, blue calcite, celestite,” By www.greenwitch.co.uk