Why does it seem like the majority of spellcasters exaggerate about "seeing or conversing with demons?

This is just my opinion and views on what I experienced the past 8 months… Every time I contact a spell caster they say they have been doing magick for X amount of years and I ask them if they work with any demons they say yes, then my response is awesome, can you summon him and ask him a question, the conversation immediately changes to, well i deal with the reading of cards.


Well working with demon’s doesn’t always involve direct communication. There’s plenty of people here that do rituals/petitions with demon’s but can’t hear/see them. Still get their results. However I do see your point.

My more limited communication with spirits comes through images, feelings, and usually a few words. But images and feelings seems to be the most used form of communication. Nothing like actual dialogue. However as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.


I can’t. My strongest sense in clairsentince. I spent years trying to develop clairvoyance to no avail. If a demon wants to manifest to communicate better they’ll do so in a dream.

The million dollar question is developing your astral senses without projecting…:thinking:


I am the same way, I converse with these entities but I won’t go about asking them questions for people. I’m not a channeler and a big part of me doesn’t really hold channeling to everyday standards.


What do you need to know?

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It’s a bit like the psychic who can give a great reading…

But also still trips over their shoes

Doesn’t always work the way you want it to


Clairsentience is also my strongest sense. It’s how I get most communication, as well as interact with spirits. Images second, then actual words (like thoughts/etc) third.


If people ask me to ask a spirit something, I usually tell them to ask the spirit themselves :joy:.


I have been using magick now for about 6 years and despite trying very hard to see and hear Demons I have had no joy in that venture at all however that has not dented my enthusiasum for trying as whatever method I use to call them I seem to get exellent results probably 60% of the time and bugger all the rest of the time.
When things are going well and I am calling up a Demon I get a feeling when they have arrived or maybe the atmosphere changes or the candles dim or go exceedingly bright To be honest I’m never quite sure what it is that makes me think they are there I just somehow know it.
Some of my results have been absolutely awesome and because of that when it does fail I do not worry at all because in some form or another I know it must be my fault.
I don’t do anything for other people in case it doesn’t work and the only exception to that if I know someone needs help then I try to help them without them knowing and that normally works.
I think most times If people can’t be bothered to try for themselves why should I waste my time helping. Do it yourself It’s much more fun. Happy magick


I don’t have a problem talking to demons and I don’t use cards. If I want to speak to a demon I just close my eyes and allow my awareness to reach for them. Once I’ve found them I speak with them just like speaking to a person.


Can I Pm you?


I’ve spoken like a person, seen.words in incense smoke and had general.feelings.

do not be so concern about other’s journey. Everyone have their own reality and experience when it comes to magick or anything for that matter. Comparing other’s experience to yours is the worse way to improve as expecting the same is unrealistic.


Are you complaining about what each professional sells as service? Working with demons doesn’t necessarily mean they speak to demons. If you didn’t saw in their list “summoning a demon to ask him one question you want: XXX $”, then I don’t see why you’re complaining.
Or you’re talking for non professionals? No one will spend time for someone else to ask a demon or angel or fae a question “you” want. And for free to top it all. I must be extremely bored with my life to accept to do it, and my life is pretty full as it is.


Confession time here. I never achieved clairaudience, its more just like thoughts in my head, that I know are not my own. I have managed to see vague outlines of them, more like just sketches (actually in one case a shadow) but I can give a few hints on this stuff.

First of all, for a lot of demons, seeing them in as an outline on something gets better when leaving food offerings. This seems to work especially well for certain demons for some reason. (That is the types of demons like Ronove, and even Astaroth, demons who like to either talk for hours about crap and never get right to the point, or who basically wait around for you to ask questions and rarely bother asking you anything.) The ones who are more direct, logical, or just like to scare you don’t seem to care about offerings so much.

Another very important tool for seeing demons is to just relax. I know, I just said they can appear in terrifying forms, so that doesn’t exactly sound “relaxing” but if you are all worried you are going to see something awful and terrifying, ironically, you can’t see anything, so it is important to get into that headspace of, I don’t care about what I am going to see or experience. This technique works especially well for those who don’t care as much about offerings.

I really try not to exaggerate on this stuff, especially because I realize that is not helpful to newbies, and people who want to get started. Sure, its sounds cool that you got a giant monster in your living room leaving footprints or something, but please don’t turn this site into the 95% of sites about demons that are actually about rpgs. (not that so called real life isn’t actually a very sophisticated rpg, but that is entirely another discussion.)


Agree with this completely.

somewhere along the ways, casting spells has become synonymous with conjuring deamons from the greater and lesser keys or sigils, and asking “them” to do the spell for them. people seem to have the mind set that only a physical manifestation of the deamon proves the legitimacy of their magick, and that imo is the reason why its spoken of so often.


Most people can’t fuckin cast. That simple really.


I’m on the same level with my Clairsentience senses. My dreams have been my staple for everything if any spirit wanted to communicate at that level. I do have my telepathy aswell but it’s meh as hell depending where my exact time is with my mind to distinguish any spiritual voices over my own thoughts. The only time I could ever get legit communication is hours into a meditation when everything gets put aside ready for trance and half the time it’s still has me wondering if it’s my own damn voice/thoughts, or I’m just losing my shit :laughing: It really ain’t that easy, lol.