Why does it feel so empty?

Hello everyone !
So i did make a sigil of Asmoday,tried to meditate gazing at the red candle’s flame and then also called Asmoday , chanted his Enn too. But i didnt see a flash,nor did i feel anything.Not even his presence.Is there something i am doing wrong here? Or maybe he has listened to me but didnt make me feel his presence ? By the way, i did this in the daylight in my room. Thankful for every advice.

It’s like basketball practice, try again next time if you were shit at shooting hoops, same as a computer programmer, if the code is off, try again with a bit more effort to see why it didn’t work. Both of these examples require persistence and effort.

Just like magick, you sit down and you try again, and again until there’s no more asking why it ain’t working. Simply put