Why does DoM have a warning for Belial?

“Belial’s powers are immense, and should only be employed when truly required”

What is the significance of this warning? Why is Belial the only spirit from the book with such a warning? I have called on Bael for very mundane and minor things and he has came through, situations where he really wasn’t truly required. I have only had good or neutral experiences with any other spirit I have worked with so far.

What is so special about Belial that makes him dangerous? I read that he hates addictions, may be a trickster, wants to help you change, etc… but in the book with all due respect his abilities seem almost lackluster, it seems like all his powers relate to making others perceive you as stronger, better, which helps you gain prestige and respect… So why does he have a warning while spirits that can do baneful works like Marbas and Glasya Labolas have no warning? Of course I don’t mean to offend the spirit or people who work with him, I plan on calling him eventually, I am just wondering why he has warnings while no one else seems to.

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Interesting considering he seems to delight at trying help people with mundane things. I know a few a few witches and magicians who calll upon him to help with thing like the lottery, bad habbits, and personal finance.


I’m not sure why the book calls him dangerous. Is his energy intense? Yes.
Can it get overwhelming? Yes
Is he harsh? Yes.
But my level of harsh will not be same as your level of harsh.

He will be what he needs to be to teach you or to help you with what you asked him to help you with. He will be dangerous if you’re reckless and careless, strict if you need a good push to make you get the work done. But he is also gentle when you’re low and just not feeling good. He can be both “go, go, GO” and “take a break”, it really depends on where you are in your journey and the next destination.

To sum it up, in my experience with him (it is still ongoing, it has been a few weeks) his energy is intense, no doubt. You need to be careful because his energy can sort of sweep you in a way? I don’t know how it’s for others but I couldn’t get him out of my head when I started, and I had to really ground and center myself.

Lots of people experience anger while working with him. I have too, occasionally. I haven’t been possessed by him, nor have others around me. It might be because I’m still fairly new to the practical stuff with limited experience. So I think the he’s called dangerous because working with him is an emotional rollercoaster. You will face what you fear from others and yourself. You need to understand and be prepared imo.


Maybe it’s hinting at collateral damage. I’ve had Belial shake things up in my life in a big way, although not when called within this system, so it’s just a guess.


Well you’re asking a good question actually. Spirits like glaysa labolas, Leraje, andras, can be unpredictable and possibly dangerous depending on who’s calling them. I think the DOM doesn’t warn about this because the DOM assumes you’ll be employing the corresponding Shem angels to pacify the spirit and make it behave properly. I don’t know why king belial was so so singled out either. I’ve worked with him a few times and never had any problems and I don’t use even use the shem angels. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


I do not read this as a warning at all.


I sincerely think that warning is a bit out of place. Why? Sure, Belial can be dangerous. You know who is more dangerous? You. The depths of your self.
Example: Myself. I started this work with an egg-headed approach. I cursed every mofo left and right. Guess what? After some time, I noticed that in my day-to-day life I was only on the look out for people to curse. You get what you focus on.


In my opinion Dantalion is the most difficult. Every time I worked with him, I felt signs of a strong obsession and other unusual sensations and feelings in me.

I have plans to work with Belial tonight using a mix of the DOM system but without the angels.
I will only use my initial meditation, the 3 pathworkings of Hargrove, Spartacus and Winterfield in sequence and the petition, written with my blood.
No offerings but I will use blood and semen in the sigil, candles and incense.

We’ll see what happens. :slightly_smiling_face:


Belial is intens, but he is generous as long as you do your part.

I suggest you do not fear any demons at all, it is archangel Michael you should worry about if you do not do your part in your interactions with him, because he is so extremely bold.


Belial is awesome, but he’s intense. Don’t be scared but at the same time, proceed with caution


He can tend to spread his ambience around more than some spirits, and his offices are varied enough that a magician may work with him more often than some spiritsa who are usually only consulted about baneful magick.