Why do you think people try so hard to stand out with Satanic imagery?

So what is your take on these kinds of people? I personally want to find out their reasoning for doing this kind of shit. I want to know why they sacrifice animals, burn Bibles, and let everyone know that they are satanists and they “don’t care”. Shit actually boils my blood. I admit I used to be like these people. I used to flaunt pentagrams and Satanic jewelry. I didn’t have a goddamn clue of what I was doing in magick either lol. I thought I was the shit and no one could stop me.

I have asked some beings of the Infernal Empire about these kinds of people. Belial and Malphas have told me they do not associate with them and refuse to work with them until they change. Malphas has told me that Lucifer is actually quite sick of these people as they are destroying his image and turning people away from the truth. I find I get very angry and want to kill these idiots… A lot of these kids also do heavy drugs… It’s quite funny to me because drugs destroy your energy and drive off spirits but yet they think they are “all-powerful”. Smh.

What’s your opinion? Why do they do it? Is it to look cool? And for what reason?


This is really all that matters. If the Infernal Empire won’t work with them, that says everything.

This type of reaction is the very thing they’re looking for in their acts. Despite them not “caring”, they’re pretty public displays for not wanting attention.

No shame in this. The difference is that you grew out of it.

The truth is, these people don’t matter to our Ascension and I don’t plan on wasting energy on them until I need some additional cursing practice.


You are right. But then it’s like, should I even pay mind to these morons? I really want to destroy them but they aren’t harming me. They’re simply just annoying… I just hate how they are destroying Lucifer’s image.


Ehhhh…a bad taste by default paired with a heavy influence from their onesided media intake? It happens. :woman_shrugging:t2: I wouldn’t read too much into it, tbh.


I’m sure he’s strong enough to make things happen, if he really wanted to waste his energy/time on them.

Then why do they matter at all? Combating them openly simply eggs them on. Why give them the attention they seek?




You’re right. I’m starting to feel like an idiot for even getting angry at them. But I want them gone. I’m telling you, there’s this crazy urge inside of me to purge them… But maybe I need to relax and forget about them. This is what they want.


Like everyone else said, it usually just comes from a need for attention. Being “edgy” has always been a common way for a lot of people to try and garner that kind of validation, especially because they feed on outrage. Usually they grow out of it though once they realize no one cares.

Also if you’re worried about it making real practitioners look bad, I don’t know what else to say except people who already think of us as “evil” will most likely never be convinced otherwise. There are plenty of regular practitioners who try sharing knowledge and educating people about the LHP or even just magick in general, but they will still receive backlash (especially from predominantly Abrahamic followers). People who have already placed all of us in a box of stereotypes will not change their minds on their own. Even if these kids weren’t out there “validating” what they think, they’d still believe us to be doing those things regardless.


I used to be like this and found it fun to be an edge lord. I DID NOT harm animals though.

Anyway I’ll give you my story, I started liking black metal, loved hearing about how they would burn churches and well Ghost made me think Satanism is a cool title. I followed the path and told everyone. Thought I was cool for working with Demons. Had the biggest fuck up of my life and walked away to discover my true path.

People want to seem rebellious or cool. I don’t say anything to others unless necessary about my current path (though I’ll admit that I’ve begun to change a lot). It’s really what the deities think. If they not angry then we shouldn’t be. I recall one of my Gods laughing at me trolling a priest and then giving me a lecture.

Also they probably do it to try and get laid…


Is that dude holding up a Satanic Bible? He clearly didn’t understand the bit on lesser magic. Otherwise he wouldn’t look and act like such an assclown.


Now i just cant help thinking back to the stories of Varg Vikernes burning churches and stabbing his former guitarist lol.

Too many people try to be such edgelords with their concept of satanism when in the end it makes them look more dumb.


Unfulfilled need for attention. Simple.


Because we can do whatever we want to do. Who cares how you feel? Who are you? You are a peon. Some people enjoy the extreme.



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U know Slayer stands for Satan Laughs As you Eternally Rot. Pretty edgy to me. Lol


LordofClout666 sounds equally edgy lolz

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I am extreme.

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You say they make you want to kill them? You sound very obtuse in the mind. ((Op))

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They do it for the same reason this post was made.

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To weigh in, and in a study of sociological behaviors, its youth, trying to define individualism while still playing a role and being part of a collective group. It takes many years for us to fully define ourselves, sometimes multiple life times to define who and what we are.

Personally speaking, each book the boy (i assume) has in his hands has the potential for tried and true magickal practice and ritual, the bible when read through the eyes of those who know, presents some pretty great incantations and chants, and the satanic bible gives so many fundamental lessons of individualism and personal godhood.
Although one can easily say that Anton lavey did the exact same thing, its a performance to garner attention, which it appears we all gave him. So congratulations internet kid with burning bible, your edgy selfie wasted peoples time, attention, and energy.

(Also pentagrams and pentacles are great, who doesnt love a little sacred geometry in their apparel :slightly_smiling_face: )