Why do you have to be confident?

this might be a stupid question, but I’ve been wondering for a while now.
It is widely believed that rituals/evocations/spells only work when the magician is absolutely sure that it will happen.

Maybe I should explain, that, although I haven’t been able to actually see or hear a spirit with my astral senses yet, I still don’t believe in the theory that spirits are a part of our own unconscious.
I’ve read too many credible stories from magicians who changed the world and other people in a way that can’t be explained by subtle changes in your own brain

Now back to my question: Why is it so important that you fully believe in what you are doing? Is this creating the power that is necessary for a spirit to show or for a spell to work?

And what else could be a reason that rituals/evocations are not working?
Right now I’m struggling a little, but I definitely had times when I did believe in it 100%, especially after reading success stories and doing Koetting’s course.

I used the search function and found it funny that in pretty much every sigil post people reported better results with Koetting’s way of charging than with Spare’s self-created sigils.
For me it’s the exact opposite: Spare’s method works 50:50 (please remember that it is not supposed to give better results), Koetting’s method doesn’t work for me at all.
Sometimes I do see changes in the sigil that seem to be more than the typical optical phenomenon of glowing that you get after a while.
lines are disappearing and re-appearing, and sometimes the wohle thing “jumps” into my face, kind of 3D-like.
but the results are missing.
again because I have doubts whether the sigil has been charged properly?
but I thought once it has been charged, it is in your subconscious, just like the Spare-sigil?
I really have no idea.

Thanks for reading, maybe you can help me.

The only thing that comes to mind is what my parents told me about Santa when I was little: If you don’t believe, you don’t receive.

Though I’ve been finding that to apply to quite a bit lately… art, for example, you believe the piece will come out nice, you have a much better chance that it will. You might be disappointed from time to time, but it’s better than the 100% chance of failure you get when you believe it will turn out like crap.

Marykatedonovan, it sounds to me like the issue you may actually be running into is that you are focusing too much energy on opening the sigil and not enough on the outcome you want to receive. Remember, opening the sigil is like opening a gateway through which your desire can be sent to manifest. If you aren’t focusing on your desire during the sigil opening, you are opening a gateway to nothing.

Being confident would probably be better summed up by saying, don’t doubt yourself. You know you can open sigils, your description of what you’ve seen matches my experience when I do it right. So stop worrying about if you are opening it right or if it is open enough. Instead, focus on your desire while watching the sigil open (knowing you can do it) and when you are done, let that desire go so it can be sent into the universe.

The reason this can work for people who aren’t confident in themselves on occassion is because on those occasions the desire or fear of the outcome was strong enough to push manifestation. Emotion plays a huge role, so when concentrating on a desire make sure to feel emotionally what you would feel if you already had it.

I hope this helps you. If not, continue to post, there are plenty of knowledgeable people here all with our own methods. Keep trying them until you find one that works for you.

Good advice Lexeldor, my own blockage has always been that i haven’t been confident in the outcome, or actually this also comes down to being confident on myself as i tend to think “oh i cannot concentrate on one thing for that long” and then i’ll be thinking all kinds of random crap of course as it creates kind of “small panic” in the mind. So i guess the hard path of training and training the mind again, will in the end bring more rewards too.

Also my sigils just tend to disappear from my vision not flashing or bumbing really :smiley: and my eyes hurt sometimes so i guess i really might be doing something wrong, but i have to say that magic and forces and powers have been aid in my life so i’m not left outside of this.- i guess that i have kind of created some obstacles for myself accidentally that have made certain things a bit harder.

Because The Will is the vehicle to transport your intended outcome through the realms.
If you doubt, this upsets the transfer.

Emotions are powerful, and confidence is the best general use emotion there is for any situation. Some jack asses will try to tell you it’s love, but I’m confident they wouldn’t be able to say that with my dick in their mouths.

Love? What does that mean? Devotion? Adoration? Passion? Compassion? All of the above, maybe? What if they were present PLUS confidence? (and minus a mouthful of phallus. Blech.) OO! And I like to add some gratitude to my confidence. Its more fun that way.

And what is confidence, but passionate love of something, combined with love of the self’s ability to master it and deal with whatever comes up?

(You can at least offer to buy me dinner first! :stuck_out_tongue: )

That doesn’t sound right. Perhaps emotion is a form of will?

You can have a snow cone, but only for the cold tongue.

I think emotion forms will - try willing yourself to do something you’re hostile or indifferent to, compared to something you love. The outer form might get done if the situation requires it, but as the saying goes, “your heart’s not in it.”

You can have a snow cone, but only for the cold tongue.


That sounds more like it. I’ve never quite known what to make of emotions, all I know they have a powerful influence.