Why do you dislike the Chakra and/or its westernized system?

I’ve noticed that some dislike the Chakra’ and the westernized system why is that?

Please explain in great detail and what evidence do you have to back up your details.

What was the Chakra system before it was westernized and would you use that instead.

Again please explain in great detail and what evidence do you have to back up your details.



For authentic information about chakras, and raising kundalini, refer to swami sivananda’s book om that. It’s probably available online.

Honestly, half the people here don’t even know what they are talking about. I was reading some guys comment that he wants to raise kundalini within 100 days. Lol. I’m not saying it is not possible… With shava sadhna, it can be done within hours. … But it usually requires more than one lifetime to fully raise kundalini. Anyone whose kundalini is fully raised will become almost a God. If every other guy started becoming equal to what you can call God, what will happen to the earth? Trust me, it is not that easy.


Yes, there’s a lot of back and forward on the subject. I’ll take a look the you’ve mentioned. Thanks.

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Go slow and steady… The body needs to be ready before it can sustain the surge of kundalini shakti… People spend years just focusing on opening one chakra… Honestly lot of westerners are very gullible and they end up getting stuck with fake gurus who claim they can raise kundalini… But yes, shakti pat does exist


That’s what I to avoid. That’s why I’m asking questions. I understand fully that something like take time and time should be taken so as not to do harm to one’s self.

In the books mentioned does he follow the non-western way of doing this?

Of course the chakras have to be opened any suggestions?

Yes… He’s was a great yogi of the East… He has given the exact yoga asans needed to purify the chakras properly… For the best understanding read aghora trilogy by Dr Robert svoboda… Its super amazing.


Each chakra gives you some kind of superpower if fully opened… Eg a fully open mooladhara will make you sexually attractive to everyone, a fully opened throat chakra will make every word you say come true, etc etc… Always move up from downwards… Ie… From mooladhara to up. Also read up on bhoot shuddhi, it is am integral part of kundalini yoga. All chakras relate to certain elements


LMFAO, I’m getting the vibe that this is inviting a particular answer from a particular person.

I can’t say a bad thing about application and incorporation of more traditional chakra work into western systems. It augments it very well, IMO. I started working on my root chakra using the seed mantra recently, and it has absolutely improved the results when I perform the Qabbalistic Cross.

Why, what is the opinion of a chakra snob on this?

You are not the first person to say this, and I do believe you. There is very real results if done right. I am just scratching at the surface myself and it is intense. I can believe it could take several lifetimes of development to handle it.

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Yea well, its nothing personal lol. I just don’t want to fuss with things that don’t interest me. Even more when, in order to understand one phrase, you have to go and learn about 56875 other things that also don’t interest me. If you like all that chakra thing and the philosophy/culture behind it, then that’s awesome, there’s nothing better than learning about things you like. I might be interested in something else that you don’t find it interesting, who knows!

I’m from the east, trust me i know my stuff well. Yes, as said it can be done within hours too, but for most people their bodies aren’t prepared to handle that kind of energy. Never said it is the only way…

Do you know what happens when the kundalini is fully raised? You become clairvoyant, clairaudient etc etc… Potentialy a god… You really think these people were gods? As said for authentic info read the aghora trilogy part 2. It will properly explain you how kundalini shakti is basically the miniscule form of Cosmic shakti that gets individuatee in human…

I know exactly what to expect. The author of the book I was using for my 100 Day Challenge explained it well, and I have also read very widely on the subject, beyond his book. And for the record, he did develop abilities such as clairvoyance, along with clairaudience, and enhanced strength and reflexes. It enabled the author to go head to head with highly skilled martial artists half his age and three times more skilled. He also attracted spirits who seemed to enjoy talking to him, and he also developed the ability to soul travel. And this was a guy with no interest or knowledge of metaphysics at all. And it was all accomplished over three months, without touching the chakras at all, so you really have no business mocking my post about it, since it is a completely different methodology from what you purport to be an expert in.

You say you are from the East so…you do know there are multiple schools of yogic thought, right? And each school has its own methodology and ideas about the way things work, and teaches its own path? And they mostly disagree with each other? What you declare as “authentic” is but one of those paths, and it is the height of arrogance for you to discount the experience of others, just because it doesn’t agree with the way you think things are supposed to be. Just because some guru declares that “this is the way it is,” doesn’t make it so. In the Western Ceremonial Tradition, the Abremelin Operation and achieving the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel is supposed to be a year long operation, and had been that way for three hundred years…until someone came along and accomplished it in 6 months.

That is about the only thing you have said I can agree with. The author I was working from severely hurt himself because he wasn’t ready for the energy.


This ^
And I will say that the Eastern religions merely discovered something (the kundalini and chakras), but since then many groups of people around the world have been working to develop new methods from different perspectives. There will always be arrogant “experts” purporting to hold all the secrets and know the “true way”. And there will always be people to come along with new experiences and new information. I have raised the kundalini and opened chakras without having visited the east, without being initiated, and without blowing any gurus. And I experienced clairvoyance, clairaudience, and the ability to heal, as well as emotional and physical healing for myself. I hit the floor and gyrated like a snake, convulsed, laughed and cried at the same time, and spoke in new languages I’d never learned. I felt popping in my third eye, heart, and crown. And no one can say my experiences weren’t valid. My life has never been the same. Mock if you like, but being born in India no more makes you an authority on chakras and kundalini than being born in Australia makes you an aborigine.


I do agree that the kundalini can be very intense, as can opening the chakras (which is ongoing and rarely if ever complete in a single lifetime). It should be done under the guidance of spirit guides, a legit human mentor, or allowed to happen naturally and gradually. It can be dangerous.

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Dude , your all knowing attitude is really annoying. We already had a brief beef in the ‘siddha meditation’ thread, for the same reason. Just reading aghora trilogy doesn’t make an expert. U r immature and seriously lack Knowledge. At least show some humility here as there are some occultists here who may even surpass vimalananda, your ideal. And this idiotic attitude also tarnishes the image of our nation. Peace.


Hahaha i have nothing to say over all this. All paths lead to the same goal, some are less efficient, some are more. Those who can benefit from my knowledge, good for them. Those who believe their methods are more efficient, sure, go for it. Nothing of ‘mine’ is lost.

I genuinely don’t think anyone here has surpassed vimalananda. I know someone who fully and genuinely isclairvoyant, she could tell me accurately about the past, present and the future . when I asked her about vimalananda, she totally blanked out telling me that the person probably does not want to be identified. Vimalananda is some next level thing.

Please explain, thanks.

I could put up the appropriate paragraph here from the book… But that might be a copyright violation. Read the book its pretty informative you’ll be doing yourself a favour