Why do you always have to put your 2 cents?

I can’t believe the amount of threads I find on here that I have an interest in, I go through the replies to actually find helpful answers to the OP’s question and there’s absolutely nothing there but comments of other people judging, talking with superiority and, many times, mocking the OP.

Seriously, are you paid to act as the moral police? Don’t try to lecture someone that you never walked a day in their shoes. Either share some helpful information or go on with your day.


That’s actually against the rules, for people to moralise on a working thread: people can give a bit of helpful advice, but nothing beyond that, and if OP is obviously not biting, then it HAS to be dropped.

So instead of starting a thread to moralise about the moralising :smiley: please just use the flag function, under the three dots … at the bottom of each post, use “Something else” and add a message, that way we can get the thread sorted out with minimal drama.

This forum runs on member-moderation, so your work to keep things like that from creeping in and taking over is AS IMPORTANT as anything I do, or anyone else. :+1: