Why do we need to do rituals when we're meant to be powerful beings?


I have been considering how I can bring £20k into my life by Christmas using magick, but then I found myself getting caught up in the details.

I started wondering why we even use rituals when we’re meant to be powerful Godlike beings.

So, why do you do rituals, when even EA says they’re just a tool?

Have you ever tried using just pure intention and focussed action to bring about what you desire instead of asking for help from a demon for example?

Just a little story.

I was born with deformed feet and one of them had to be taken off. So I’ve been wearing a prosthetic leg since I was a toddler.

Anyway, a few months ago, I was staying at a local hotel for a few nights. I got my prosthetic leg wet by accident in the bathroom, and the foot wouldn’t stop squeaking as it had some moisture inside. In fact it was squeaking so loudly it was like a loud cracking noise every time I took a step.

I needed food so I was trying to minimise the cracking noise by creeping about, which wasn’t working very well. I soon lost patience in the carpark. It was dark but I didn’t want the squeaking to continue.

So in my mind, I demanded there and then that the Universe immediately put a stop to the squeaking until I was back inside the hotel room. I demanded it mentally with clarity and with force. I didn’t say anything out loud, I did this with my mind only. From that moment on, my foot was totally silent. I walked into the restaurant, ordered some food, walked back into the hotel and the moment I stepped into my room, the foot resumed the squeaking.

Neat, huh? And it did happen this way, for what it’s worth. I don’t know if it was down to the Universe or if it was because of something else, but it was amazing just how I got exactly what I wanted the moment I demanded it.


And the fundamental difference between this and evoking a demon is what, besides that simply consciously wishing for something generally does diddly-squat? You manipulate an energy through connecting with that energy. If you want to cause someone to love you evoke a demon that is the ritual embodiment of love itself. To change the phenomenon is to change THE PHENOMENON. It doesn’t matter how ‘powerful’ you are: if you want paint a picture you are still going to have to paint it with colour.


Well In my opinion I think It’s about Believing
I Think That the stronger Your believe IS that Something going to happen
The more likely It will happen (manifest)
So What can be more convincing to you Than A Holy Ancient Intelligence(Demon or angel or spirit) Giving you His word that he will get The job done .


Well, in my opinion, rituals help us get into states necessary to perform tasks. However, yes, you are correct. As far as I understand, you can reach a point of power and perfection that even a single thought will manifest instantly according to your will and desire. That IS godhood. However, this requires perfect control over one’s mind, spirit, and body. Not an easy thing to accomplish. However, rituals are there to help us on our way to perfection. They help invoke the powers and forces necessary to materialize the desire into reality.


We could also entertain the wild idea that these powers are real, and that ritual allows us access to these powers in a way and to a degree otherwise inaccessible.


So to sum it up, rituals are kind of like training wheels.

How can we learn to use our own power if we’re always looking to use the power of a demon or an angel via a ritual instead?


[quote=“Gemma W., post:6, topic:502”]So to sum it up, rituals are kind of like training wheels.

How can we learn to use our own power if we’re always looking to use the power of a demon or an angel via a ritual instead?[/quote]

I think what EA meant was (this is just my understanding of his post) that, yes ‘some’ rituals are like training wheels - however, there are other rituals, like the one he points out in Baneful Magick, through his experience with awakening The Vision Serpent - that there is power within the ritual itself. That performing a very specific ritual becomes necessary for certain and specific powers and beings. So - I don’t know if he would agree with this - but it seems to me that, depending on the ritual and the system, ritual may either be training wheels, or a required device no matter how powerful you are. Correct me if I am wrong.

In order to realize the powers within, as far as I know, you must study and practice every single day. Push yourself harder and further than you ever have at any time, and do it constantly.

But what EA has always said, sure - get the entity to do some work for you, but then make sure you get it to divulge to you how to do it yourself. Through this you can acquire the power for yourself.


Sukujin, Nowhere in my post did I ever say I was a living god without the need for training wheels. I accept I have not yet learned how to use my true power. :slight_smile:

I am trying to understand the need for rituals, etc especially when there are guys like Eric who talk about being a living god.

I have thought about this and from what I understand, we are already godlike and have always been this way. But within the confines of physical reality we have forgotten a lot about our true selves and our power.

I’m going to reflect on this topic further and see where my inner compass takes me. :slight_smile:

Thanks, all.


In some way we are beings of habits, and to contact the magic power and our divine self we need to reprogram our subconscious to establish a new order in our conscious, before acting on our daily lives. Each new habit needs 21 days to manifest and be effective in a verifiable manner.

This is the way to forget what we have learned to be and remember who we really are.
We must break the egg before flying …


I recently realised that the only way I’m ever going to learn more about who I really am, etc is to examine my current belief system and discard beliefs that are not rooted in personal experience. Much like how Robert Bruce did it years ago. He wrote an article about that if any of you are interested. While I agree it’s part of the solution, reprogramming the subconscious without working on the belief system is not going to cut it.