Why do the spirits keep leading me to this Mann?

I met this Mann 9 months ago. For some reason, I absolutely cannot forget him, and the spirits I work with, continue to tell me I mustn’t forget him, because he’s going to be very very important, and I would eventually marry him some day. It’s kind of crazy because I would always get visions as a kid where I had married a Mann who looked exactly like him, (but the visions were slightly blurry), and even the profession he’s in. They even said he was worth waiting for, and he’s exactly everything I wanted. I’ve done everything to forget him, but it seems to only make me remember him more. It’s been 9 months, and I still haven’t met him again. I trust the spirits I work with. They’ve told me things and people to watch out for, even moths before it happened.

The problem is… I’ve met people who told me the spirits they work with said the same about me… but it turned out I didn’t feel the same about them/had no intention of being with them after getting to know them… so I don’t want to end up like those people, have my hopes up, be waiting for this guy, only to be crushed… sort of thing. But I’ve never felt this way before… about anyone. I felt so whole and complete, and felt like I was entering the gates of Heaven when we were talking… LOL.

Also, to add: sadly I have the „avoidant dismissive attachment style“ , so denial is my go to when I feel this way. I initially thought this desire To meet him again/marry him etc… would fade, but it actually grows stronger everyday. I don’t like it, mainly because 1) I don’t want to get hurt 2) because nothing is physically happening… but I keep feeling him close to me/have this feeling I’ll be meeting him when I least expect it… I also don’t have random desires to just marry anyone. But as soon as I met him, i instantly had this thought „that’s the man I’ll probably marry.“ I also heard angels singing and harps… it was such a spiritual and „heavenly“ experience. Haha

Any feedback, similar experiences, or advice would be much appreciated—thank you! Have a great weekend.

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Is this the same man u were obsessed about in the past. ?

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I’m gonna PM you, sorry I just got so busy D:

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