Why do the demons what to speak to us?

this come into my mind. I could speak to the demons about it but I thinking to ask the different people about the thoughts on my question


Learning a language is tough, and I’m not very good at it, but the word is “SPEAK” - not “speck”! :slight_smile:

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This is my personal take on “the psychology of demons”:


They will speak with whoever is ready to listen.


Yes, why do they want to speak to you. And which kind of demons, there are many regional demons, and each have their own goals. Any with all the spirits of this world, what do the demons have to offer or tell you.

And can any other entity do no better, no evil like a demon. Are demons the only ones that have the power sought after by the weak.

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It may be to pull true seekers out of ignorance. That would be the Lucifer and related hierarchy side of the equation.

When we interact with them, part of them projects from a non-physical place. There are stories in the old grimoires of demons partaking in pleasures of the flesh. Perhaps interacting with us gives them ‘life’. Life as we know it, not life as they know it. Interacting with some dude who can barely get his head out of facebook or youporn and sees demons as a means to an end, may not be very fulfilling to a demon. Dude makes a great target however! Sicking a legion on his sorry ass keeps the horde alive!

A person that earnestly seeks to make contact and yearns to peek under the universe’s hood, may be a far more desirable conversation partner. Not that they necessarily give a shit about us, but perhaps the fact that we engage with them in a meaningful way gives them a foothold in our reality. In return they placate us with information. We pull them into our light, and so they rejoice and give us what we want.

Dunno. Anybody have a different idea? When I asked Berith, he just told me that he likes me and wants to help. It may be common knowledge to spirits that humans simply can’t understand the greater truth.

You will have to pardon my earlier cryptic bullshit non-answer, but I stand by it nonetheless.

Now the notion of demons playing a game against God by trying to tempt us all, I’m not sure I believe that.

Anyways, I’m sure this answer doesn’t satisfy, but it is an ongoing debate!