Why do spirits contact me?

Spirits always contact me at night, seemingly a few times a week, even without calling upon them. I can sense them and hear them. I’ve taken precautionary actions to cleanse the room of negative energy, though I’m open to new ideas in that vein.

Bonus: I just heard one whistling, very low at first, and gradually moving away from me. The sound hailed from the East if that helps.


You could try calling the spirits to see what they want.

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There could be many reasons why there
Trying to contact you
Ask them it could be something important that they need to share with you.

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Call upon Murmur to bind, capture, and interrogate one of them.

Or just ask them like a regular person. Depends on if you want to be boring or not.

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Spirits of the East of air and wind… The whistling might be a sign that a deity of air/wind is responding. It could be in response to your prior rituals depending on your requests.