Why do some choose hard lives?

Why do some people choose to be born in bad circumstances, homeless, poor, abusive family etc? Is it due to a shortage of bodies That are in good circumstances, I’m asking because I keep reading we do choose our lives

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im not exactly sure how reincarnation works, and how much choice is available for people who are largely inactive spiritually, but one thing ill say is that hardship can sometimes be the path towards enlightenment. I know for myself, if i had a perfect childhood like many of my friends, its unlikely that id even be here. The fact that i was denied many things is what pushed me to spirituality and the left hand path to begin with. When things are going well, theres very little impetus or motive to seek out esoteric knowledge.

I mean, its no coincidence that so many people here on BALG (including EA himself) were pushed here and into the occult due to bad life circumstances. So to answer your question, my guess is that because one cannot easily retain memories of past lives, the best way to reconnect someone to their Godhood sooner would really be to put them into a not so perfect situation that they have to fight out of. A better question is…given this fact, why would ones higher self increase the likelihood of themselves not attaining spiritual power by starting them off in life with a litany of advantages?


Oh yeah I do see a pattern, I understand what your saying, if your born in comfort, you won’t strive for higher. But I still wonder, would a magician who is powerful still choose a sucky life


Possibly. If they are indeed a “powerful” magician, and can retain their memories from the past life easily…where that person ends up being born really wouldn’t matter much i’d imagine

From what i have pieced together it is in part so the individual can learn from and grow in areas of life they may not mastery in. Whether this is accurate or not i can not be sure.

But when you consider for example how some people can be excellent with children but have Zero desire to have any of their own they may have already experienced full and happy families in another lifetime and therefore don’t feel the need to do it again.


It might, what if your born into a crazy family of Christians, who beat you Everytime you try to perform magick or even just meditate

@Supernatual My answer would be that they don’t.

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We don’t choose. We only learn. Sometimes you need pain to learn. It won’t be something you want, but when it’s over you will become a stronger, better, braver person. Everyone will suffer at some point in their life, even if they deny it.


I was born into a CRAAAAZYYYYY christian family.
For example:
-My parent used to be in a famous cult before I was born.
-I wasn’t allowed to watch Care Bears or Scooby Doo, or Casper the Friendly Ghost, or anything with magic.
-I was “homeschooled” for a couple years but really just locked in my house, controlled yet neglected.

  • I was forced to go to church 3 times a week.
    The list goes on…

No matter how much pain I was in, how much I went to church and cried, how much I prayed to silence - I FELT NOTHING and I KNEW that God couldn’t hear me. I thought it was because I wasn’t good enough but then realised it was because he didn’t want me/ didn’t make me.

My point is that nobody could beat my essence out of me, no matter how much they tried. And boy did my mom try. I didn’t even know why she was doing it at the time. She said I had a rebellious spirit that needed to be broken (I was a really good kid at that time btw).

I think the real question is why do people CONTINUE to choose hard lives? I refuse to let pain and suffering be in my reality any more. Life is fucking fun. It’s a game. Learn the rules and win.


Well that sucks,

Sure as hell seems that way. Well I still plan on going to fantasy worlds, so if I’m gonna be forced to incarnate in random circumstances, it won’t be this world


Wow! Your a real trooper my brother. When you find a way to defeat pain and suffering, let me Kno!

@Supernatual Did I direct you to a grimoire via PM? I can’t remember if I provided a book recommendation for a book that talks about that or not.

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Eh i kinda asked for the insane rollercoaster that was my childhood. You go poking at ancient beings to learb you can’t really get to pissed when they oblige you. I may be a rare case of be careful or rather be aware of what you ask for lol

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Personally, I believe that our choosing our current life is bull. I can say that I’ve had a reasonably good life compared to some, and a really shitty life when compared to others.
I think the issue was, I’ve never been a tough guy or a go-getter. So I could only burn a silent rage from envy over these two types, manifested around me like no tomorrow.
Religion? Grew up baptist, became a pagan and feel back on christianity several times, up to recently becoming a Mormon. Nothing worked. So I made my choice … Fine, you want to not help me, then I will go to one that will. The problem is … I never know where my blessings exactly came from. Wingin it, just like a lot of folks.

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Honestly, it hasn’t helped me too much, I’ve just been bullied, picked up, controlled etc my entire life, it hasn’t made me any stronger, it Still happens!

You could develop your personality so you no longer convey the impression of being a victim. Why other people do something, or don’t, is no use to you if it’s going to feel like a stick to beat yourself with.

If you can alter how people perceive you, they’ll treat you differently, then you’ll react differently, and the trend in your life will be towards power and not subordination.

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Yeah things don’t work that way, Even if I do change my perception, I will still get bullied, I would only be changing how I see things, not how things are. No matter though, I’ll keep practicing evocation/invocation and when ready, kick natural selection up a few notches on all these vermin​:grinning::grinning:

That’s not how magick works… The very act of changing how you see things causes an OBJECTIVE change in the EXTERNAL WORLD. The more energy you pour into that knew way of seeing things the more extreme the outcome.