Why do so many people hate Yaweh?

I’m really curious, why is this?

He seems fairly nice and not really as malicious as people think. So why is he hated?


(For the record, I personally don’t hate him, but I don’t like him either.)

The reasons (from what I noticed) are mainly because of the nasty people and horrible atrocities associated with JCI, especially if those who hate him are directly affected by them.


So if it wasn’t for the Christians who forced their beliefs on others, he wouldn’t be that hated?




Well, according to his rules I deserve death. That kind of ticks me off.

Exodus 22:18, “You shall not allow a sorceress to live.”

Leviticus 20:13, “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them.”


I alot of of it depends on where you fall politically. Many people here are more liberal ( be it liberal right or liberal left ) and so dislike the control and strict enforcement of moral behaviour he represents.
Personally, I don’t mind him. I wouldn’t follow him, but purely because I’m not a great fit with his current and I consider him to be a rather meek god. I don’t classify him as an evil or malicious deity.


Honestly? First off, forgive me if i seem ignorant or whatever you want to say but he expects me to be as sheep and to flock to him as shepard. That’s not my style.

Moreover, JCI is associated with the slaughter of scores upon scores of innocent people, the taking and rape of other cultures lands because it was “their birthright bestowed upon them by ‘God’ .” Need i also state that JCI is essentially his religion? Did someone mention that his religion demonized the ways of your ancestors? Should I bring up slavery?

I’m just going to say it. JCI=Junk. I don’t cosign my power to anyone. That’s mine. I own that. Quite frankly, if my “loyalties” lie anywhere, they’re with Lucifer, not him.


However many Sorcerers do support him.

I always hated this idea. It’s still love in the end and one SHOULD NOT be punished for it!!


The issue is the rule and he, himself. Not the sorcerer(s) in question.


This is definitely a great answer! I don’t mind freedom but at the same time respect Authority. I guess I’m a Neutral :sweat_smile:


This is the only thing I disliked about Christianity when I studied it.

Probably the darkest side of this belief system. My Ancestors were also attacked and enslaved…
The thing is, the Jews had also being Victims to Pagan Civilizations.

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I wonder why?


I think this is an interesting point and one that really sums up the problem with modern Christianity. People have forgotten what the Christian God actually encouraged. Look at Moses, was he a sheep or shepherd? I’d say he was a powerful sorcerer ( see the passage when the turns he staff into a snake and the sorcerers around him do the same ), but drew his power from a different god.
He encouraged sorcery, but it had to be drawn from him, and when you’re god has sufficient influence, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

But who truly decides who is innocent ? Let’s place religious aside for a second and look at it in terms of a historical event.
The British travelled around the world building the largest empire in all of history. We killed many people and crushed cultures, but were they innocent? From one angle, yes: they had done nothing to provoke us. From another angle, no: they had stood in the path of Britain’s vision for the world and thus had to be crushed.
Innocence and guilt are ultimately so subjective that you can’t really use them to decide whether an event was right or wrong. Yahweh’s followers fought for their own and their god’s benefit. There’s no inherent evil or good to that.

If they possessed the strength to take it, why wasn’t it their right? The world has always punished weakness.

There again, it’s not really a valid point to raise. There are always winning and losing groups. The old replaces the new. If the old wishes to survive it must find the strength to do so.
The demonising of the pagan cultures is essentially no different to the demonising of the actions of the Jews and Christians. It’s just perspective.

That’s happened right throughout human history. If someone is so weak that they can’t even retain their basic freedoms, is it truly wrong, from a philosophical standpoint, to make them serve your strength?

This last point is just my personal opinion, but I don’t think Lucifer is that different. He seeks influence and uses the human race to obtain it. The only difference is the lines his followers parrot.


Because the Jews started it?

Because, from my personal opinion, they showed their ass and started it.


I must admit! Your replies always seem unbiased.

Even us Indians colonized and Murdered. Today there is still a rivalry between the Hindus and the Tamils but it’s sorta a friendly Rivalry.


The person looking at the event.
OP did ask for my opinion after all.

That second line, is my response to your paragraph. Personally, there is no changing my mind here.

Something to think about, does any of that, make it any better? No. It is what it is.


This subject is a bit wierd to talk about. There are reasons to be okay with him and reasons to hate him. This subject just has too many dimensions (see what I did there? XD), tbh.

I was actually thinking to make a post about it. It’s just that I can see reasons to like him, reasons to hate him and even reasons to be neutral. Many stuff going on about this and it’s people’s fault too. I mean, most rules about Christianity were made by people who only cared about themselves, let alone serving the Christian god.

So, he’s not that bad. He used to be better too. There are a lot of stuff going on.

The right question is: Whether people hate Christianity or not, rather than the Christian god. Besides, it’s not god who’s after us really, it’s the priests who I believe that they haven’t talked to god for more than 1000 years or so. Or to be more precise, those who make Christianity look bad (or even be bad).

Does this go into politics? No, since it’s against the rules, I won’t even touch this matter. What I’m trying to say is this: Just because people who only care about themselves or their goals make some bad stuff, don’t blame it on the spirits.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not supporting Christianity, nor defending it. I’m just saying that since everything is possible (and we know that very well), we should keep an open mind and see all possibilities.

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Personally I have nothing against the strictures of his faiths, but rather the very premise of monotheism itself. Anything that says they’re the only one that matters is worthless in my life. I do realize that Yaweh doesn’t actually say that he’s the only god, and in fact alludes to there being many others, but then you get into creation and destruction and omnipotence and omniscience and all that crap and it just doesn’t work in a world that is stuffed to bursting with gods.



Exactly what I thought! I always thought that he too was Demonized…