Why do people work more with demons rather than angels and gods?

What do you mean by take your pain?

Just poking my head in to say i work with whoever and whatever i want because i am a Goddess myself, and on an equal footing with everyone.

Backfire is not a thing i concern myself with. Ever. Danger is also not a thing i concern myself with, because i choose to be respectful at all times.

And the good/evil scale is subjective, and therefore UTTERLY USELESS.


It’s a very personal message.
From my experience, self-realization comes with a lot of pain. Even we instinctively try to avoid any discomfort, the pain is an essential force that keeps us going on. It stands in front of our subconscious mind which holds the vital information and our true power that stand in the dark. Facing the subconscious is quite painful. Same with kundalini awakening, and many other things in our lives.


Thank you for clearing that up.:+1:t2:

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Agree! Its my opinion there are no “Demons” . There is just a Realm of high and low ,Light and Dark, Spirits in the Ether. Its all polar … Not good and evil. As above so below:wink:

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That probably explains why I prefer working with demons than angels.

This is a concept used sometimes to explain supernatural beings such as werewolves or Chupacabra.
I had a discussion once with a friend and we debated the idea of servitors not watched or destroyed becoming the strange creatures people claim to see such as Spring Heeled Jack, or Mothman for example.

Left to their own devices some can become destructive, specially if made for that purpose, that was the general thesis.

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From a LHP perspective from the way, I understand it is if you take on a predatory spirituality like in luciferian context you devour the essence of say like Adonāi as a “god form” or deific mask. Angels in context of LHP perspective is then representative of your higher empyrean self. So technically I’m more comfortable with this because I consider myself a black magician. In Richard Cavendish talks in one of the chapters that the Devil instructs the magician to have knowledge of “god”, knowing “good and evil” This isnt in context of morality But I basic understanding of light and darkness, chaos, and order and so on. Learning to have a balance of both.

You can even read the Bible in context of a LHP perspective, Or the God of the Bible is self-serving. And some gnostic schools of thought the Old Testament was created by Yaldaboath, and within some LHP traditions like Michael w Ford’s luciferian tradition considered Yaldaboath a rebel who had the “black flame” lit.

There’s no rule like this. You know you can heal and do nice “RHP”-associated things for yourself and others with entities that some label “demons” too, right?

If there’s a rule, it’s “do as though wilt under the law; love is the law” - Crowley

I agree with this chap, though he is sadly no longer with us his wisdom is still here:

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I guess you can do that? I’m only speaking from my perceptive as I understand the left-hand path I’m not speaking for everybody here or any one, but I personally defined the right hand path to seek union with things that outside of yourself and other words you supplicate to sad spirit or God or whatever. And it also depends on your development and who you are and that type of thing when it comes to choosing the left-hand path or the right hand path

Predatory spirituality is the definition of understanding your passions, your desires, drives the hunger you feel and it can encompass vampirism. It’s a technique. I occasionally use when I need additional energy to put into a spell, for example. But I approach any god or goddess In conjunction with devouring them, and they become one with my body another words, I am a temple.

So whether you’re right hand path or left-hand path or somewhere in between , you can still invoke the god names and achieve whatever result you’re looking for.

Do as thou wilt, however, this is getting off topic, as this thread is about working with demons vs angels, not RHP vs LHP, and we have a gazillion threads on what LHP means, LHP vs RHP and walking a “gray” path.

You might like be interested in one of these:

I serve with both hands so i call on both equally. With that said, i like working with demons better because i don’t have to pretend to be God to ask them to do things in Godnames. I can just ask them to move because i want something done. It’s easier and more honest to my way of thinking.

Old topic but my guess in alot of case is the aftermath of old programing within the lower self tied to alot of cultish programming that permeates modern society and the attitudes instilled from those perspectives. I include myself in this to an lesser degree as while i wasn’t raised in any active religious environment the various cultish concepts that permeates modern society still left me with a fair bit of bullshit to deprogram from my brain which i actively had to tear apart before i was comfortable working with various deities and celestial forces.

It was similar to a spiritual detox of sorts. Was not fun but opened ALOT of doors for me.
Lately i openly interact with celestial,Terrestrial, infernal and other forces alot more actively than i ever did before and from perspective free of fear that alot of modern cults work hard to instill in their victims.

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I enjoy reading your posts. This reminds me of an old discussion on another forum about angels vs demons:

"Angels tend to mostly deal with positive energy but thy can sometimes use negative energy.

Since Angels are known for positive energy, it’s understandable why we’ve made them into the swelled up beings they are. Positive energy promotes things that humans generally see as most desirable. Growth, purity, fortune, and the chance to go to “heaven”. But mostly Angels deal with order. Demons who are being of chaos, understand that humans are bound to time, and therefore bound to change. For Angels they like order more than anything else.

When dealing with Angels your signing yourself up for an “all you can eat” buffet of positive energy. For a while this is great but eventually you won’t want what the Angels can provide for you anymore, and your bound to slowly sever the connection. For a little while the loss of flowing positive energy will be hard to cope with but generally it will pass in anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months, but since you committed an act of change, you’ve disrupted the order.

Angels are inclined to punish those who disrupt order. You are no longer providing them with neutral energy, or giving them means to change the human world so they lash out. They can do anything from drain your positive energy to damage you physically and mentally.

This is almost never a problem with demons because they are being of chaos and change so they understand why humans cut off links or stop summoning. Demons are human nature where Angels are what humans want to be or to happen.

Dealing with Angels is permanent and should remain that way where as dealin with demons is often short term, but they can be long term.

Demons can be “bad,” but angels are almost always as bad. The only reason they have the “good guy” complex to such an extent is because they deal with positive energy not negative. I can explain the further but it would have to be another post.

And again the power you actually possess can change out comes for both entities so if you truly become a great summoner then risks of both become minimal.

(Another way to look at it, is Angels like to meddle in human affairs uninvited while demons prefer humans come to them)"

Because the vast majority of people in this forum have a very high tendency to harm others or get things from the material world easily, even if that means using dark demonic forces.

But look at the number of publications there are: they want to have sex with entities, they want to get revenge for stupid things like ex-partners, they want to succeed in “only fans” and so on…

I agree that everyone is free to follow their own path, but particularly those mundane and dirty things are what lead you to the path of demons.

How many people here summon angels, saints or gods to acquire virtues or heal a loved one? If you reach 1% it is lucky. And it is not something that only I have observed, since this forum is quite well known for being all followers of the demonic path.

It had to be said and it was said!

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There’s a demonologist(8 years of practice) on TikTok that explained it like this.
If you ask a demon for love/to meet the love of your life, then you’ll end up meeting your perfect match in an almost perfect scenario.
Ask an Angel for love and something crazy will happen like you get your foot bit off by a shark and the lifeguard who rescues you is completely in love and infatuated with people who only have one leg.
She was exaggerating lol, she was just giving an example of the different ways that angels versus demons work in her experience working exclusively with the 72 demons of the Goetia for herself and for clients.