Why do I keep postponing?


If we’re talking about grimorium verum Lucifer and his sigils…it’s one spirit with different avatars/different manifestations.


Yea I was gonna dedicate myself to father satan but something would always prevent me so eventually I figured he didnt want me just yet.

Probably because I had and still worship and work with king paimon. Since king paimon is so high ranking, I assumed satan wanted me to stay with paimon because I’m still learning from him and perhaps king paimon is considering being my patron.

Moral of the story is dont force the connection. If they call, they call. Just work with who youre comfortable with


Have you read Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose? The author isn’t a fan of Grimoirium Verum, claiming it to be watered-down magick and that the system encoded in the Abramelin is much purer, whatever that may mean exactly. I’m not sure how much is just posturing, but I certainly can’t argue with the potency of the magick in Hidden Demons.

I have called upon Clauneck from GV, however, and have gotten results from him. I did use the expanded method outlined in Wealth Magick by Damon Brand though, so that may have helped. With my life where it is right now I’m more concerned with practicality than magickal theory or history, but you may find the author’s thoughts interesting to read.

Also because you mentioned the Lemegeton, I haven’t read many of the “Solomonic” medieval grimoires, and I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on the Goetia. I’ve found the method in Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield to be quite good, it stemming from the “Ruddian” way of doing things, that being associating the 72 demons with the 72 Shem angels as well as angelic emissaries.

Academic stuff aside, I’m just glad there’s so much great magick so readily available nowadays, certainly will make my life much more interesting and enjoyable. Very grateful to all the great occultists who have come before me and who are making their work open to the public.


I’ve begun to read that book now. My thoughts so far? Absolutely fucking pretentious and patronizing. It’s hard for me to take the “we have the truth and everyone else is wrong” types of authors seriously.

I can’t really speak about Damon Brand’s work because I don’t know anything about it. But…

Is not really advisable as there are more than 72 demons in the “Goetic Hierarchy.” Way more. The Lemegeton is incomplete.

Yeah, same. It’s so easy to start bashing people (for me at least) but they’ve done a good job in the grand scheme of things I suppose.


Oh it’s certainly pretentious, but I assume that it is rather intentionally done. I’ve found that attaining a balance between self-esteem and ego, between being a normal human and a powerful occultist is a big part of the magick, for me at least. Lots of testing the edges to find the middle ground thus far. Like I said, can’t argue with its effectiveness.

Do you have another text you’ve found to be more accurate for the Goetia then? I’ve had many excellent results from using the method in DoM, and have received personal gnosis confirming the Shem - Goetia connection. I suppose I could just be lacking a greater perspective, but the system does work well. I believe one of the texts referenced by the authors is The Goetia of Dr. Rudd, or something along those lines, but they allude to private documents playing a big role as well.


The Book of Oberon and Liber Officiorum Spirituum are the texts you need to look into if you’re interested.

As for the ego thing, nah it’s completely counterproductive.