Why do I feel something is behind me

For a while now, I have sometimes felt that there was something behind me at night. Can anyone like read the energy or tell me how I can get rid of it. Or maybe it’s just my imagination

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How experienced are you? Have you successfully done an evocation? If so, maybe try a “blind” evocation. Look here with a quick Search or for sure YouTube. I know the Behemoth-X channel has an example of evoking blindly.

That feeling you get could be a lot of things though. I would try to rule out each one individually like a detective. I would start with the imagination idea. See if you can’t debunk it. If the feeling is still there move onto the parasite or shadow idea. Some low level entities like feeding off of fear and this could be the reason for the feeling. However, it also may be you getting creeped out. If it’s none of that then I would assume a spirit is trying to contact you. Which leads back to considering a blind evocation. If you’re not quite ready for that maybe try a banishing and take a ritual bath.


Sounds like typical fears of people who are spooked by the Supernatural at night.

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Of course it’s partially your imagination. Doesn’t mean there’s no spirit there.

Also see if that creepy feeling always happens when you are in the same orientation. Seems that people can sense magnetic fields after all. Dogs do, so why not humans.
Anyways, something to think about. You might be sensitive.

Thirdly, spirits mount people from the back of the head more often than not. Back of head = Input. Front of head = Output.

You might want to evoke whatever ‘may’ be there and make the purpose of the ritual to get the spirit to depart. Perhaps see what it wants then when you give it license to depart, make it final.

Fourth, there may be part of you that is gearing up for astral projection and that eerie feeling could be the first steps to out of body experiences. Do you sense yourself slightly dissociated from your body like floating behind your head a bit?


Thx for your answer.

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Do you have a crazy ex?

I don’t think so

Good. It just popped in my head when reading your post.

For me, I’ve experienced this daily. It was my own spirit manifesting. You could say it’s your higher self trying to kick you into the right direction as when I had these experiences it was when I was a Christian and ignorant to what could help me on my own ascent

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You are right: it is your imagination. You have no idea how real your imagination is :slight_smile:
Not to worry it’s actually just me doing some astral arse creeping. :smiling_imp:

Yo wtf really

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If there is a spirit or negative energy by you, i’d recommend you to try a cleansing. Burning sage, usijng salt; or my favourite: Burning dragonsblood, works best in my opinion. :slight_smile:

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Now I remembered his name, a powerful ally who helps demonologysts, his name is Mem’yion and normally stands behind the witch and empowers rituals. But is better to be careful cause if its not an ally than might be some spirit you should banish.

Dragonsblood is often used to evoke spirits and give them an offering or spiritual base in which to ma ifest.


They also offer protection; so if there is negativity, it can also help as well.


This might not be for you, but I would first try a more direct approach. Get to a dark place, and when you feel the presence just turn around and confront it. Talk to it. Laugh at it. Tell it that it can’t possibly affect you. Stay there for a while until you are no longer afraid. The mere act of facing it might make it go away, whether it is an entity or a creation of your imagination.

Fear brings many unwanted things into yourself. Don’t let them in.


Just a little occult humour. Heh heh! :slight_smile:
I would suggest meditation daily to detach from the experience. You can also try the rituals suggested but be cautious of over-dependence on ritual work: fundamentally, your experience is an extension of your imagination but it is very, very real.

Long ago… I was like 15 and I felt someone behind me all the time. I know it sounds unbelievable but this happened. People always tell me I imagined it but no I didn’t. I was walking home through a park at night and there was a tunnel I had to walk through and I heared footsteps behind me so I turned around and there was no one there, so I kept walking and suddenly I thought I felt someone tapping my shoulder so I turned around and nothing. My whole body got super tense and I kept thinking it’s nothing, it’s just the storm, I’m not gonna run, its nothing and then again I felt someone tapping my shoulder without a single doubt and I just ran like the wind, ran all the way home. I was so out of breath it made me vomit.
Then, one day at home in my room, I felt someone charging at me from behind, the whole wooden floor trembled. I turned around and there wasn’t anyone. In those days my best friend was an edgy teen with an existential crisis who was obsessed with dabbling in occult. Dabbling not really knowing what the f he was doing, and I usually was around for it. Anyway, I did a banishing after that and it never happened again. I think I drew unwanting attention to me. Idk what your workings are but if it does not feel good, I suggest a banishing/cleansing. And you know what’s good or not. I have spirits around me all the time but you know when something isn’t right. I suggest a bath with salt, rosemary, basil and burn copal.

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