Why do good things happen to bad people

Thought I would ask this question here as we all know what the church says about it.

Why does bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people? The cheaters, abusers, thieves all seem to benefit in life while people that work hard and are good hearted get the shaft.


I think it’s all in one’s perception as a human. We have the ability to always find what we seek. Nature is just that! There are plenty of good people that receive good and vice versa.

Think about a yellow car, the take a drive. The road will be full of yellow cars.

Iv’e also never heard a bad person ask " why do good things keep happening to me, i’m so bad"

Good people are perceived as more self sacrificing and tend to put others first. That may have something to do with it too.

I think good and bad are relative though, good can be bad and bad can be good. Depends on your desires.

Just my thought, not really an answer :slight_smile:


Because most ‘good people’ let others walk all over them and they rarely fight back. Good people also refuse to change with time and circumstances.
Just my own opinion.


Sometimes what we perceive as bad I.g a divorce, lost of a loved one, isn’t really bad it just feels bad. Often these traumatic events in life lead us to where we should be instead of where we are.


Maybe thats because there is no karma.For example good person leaves it to god or karma or whatever but punishment never comes so :man_shrugging:


Because as far as reality is concerned, there is no such thing as good people and bad people. There is only people. Good or bad is a relative subjective term based on personal limited judgement. There is no good rock and evil rock, no good horse and evil horse, no good human and evil human. So the question itself is false in its logic.

Things happen. That’s the reality. In the human mind, good things and bad things happen. People are people. But in the human mind, there’s good people and bad people. That doesn’t mean our good-evil judgement is not based on anything and we should stop it. That would be waste of intelligence. But we shouldn’t apply it to nature and ask such questions, as if good and evil is a universal natural law, it is not.

In reality, things happen to people. Good and evil doesn’t exist outside the human mind. If you want to think from the stand point of the all, the universe or God, the creative force behind events… then you should drop all limited-human concepts. including good and evil.


Because that’s life.

There are people out there that do everything right and still get the short end of the stick. Alternatively, there are people who are good at not getting caught or have the fortune to be surrounded by people who are incompetent at their jobs (ex. Judges).


Evil people prosper because good people do nothing about it.


I have my own idea on this point brought up…good people are a relative term…what is percieved as “Good” or “Evil” is theoretical in nature…You can be both…the perception of the person experiencing these things is only that…someone that is a “good” Christian" could say someone covered in tattoos is a evil and bad person and the person covered in tattoos can say the same about the “Christian”…each could live as either being morally and ethically good or evil…it’s all perspective…this brings me to why "good people feel they are alway’s shit on and “evil” people seem to have great things happen to them…“good” people are reserved and stop themselves from really living, they are cautious and meek that don’t take real chances in life…they resemble cattle and personalities are like what I said…plus they tend to think of all sort of negative things that bring negative things onto them…Law of Attraction and coincidence…plus there aren’t any real “good” people on this earth, we are all just trying to win the Game of Life and survive in this savage world…they just get caught up in it’s powerful undertow!