Why do "Demons" want our blood?

Hi guys

I’m fairly new here but have watched tons of E.A Koetting’s videos Aswell as Indigo Pristess on YouTube.

I’ve only just broken my misconceptions and hidden dogma regarding these entities which I know prefer to call Ancient Gods rather than Demons.

Anyway I’ve just started contemplating working with an entity maybe Bune to help me advance spiritually and hopefully financially over time. I’ve not invoked or evoked an spirit before so have my reservations as we all have fear inside us and I’m sure many shit themselves the first time.

Why do these entities ask for drops of our blood? I guess it’s a very intimate bond that is being made and blood contains our complete essence. I’m just worried this may further fragment the concioussness or soul as our actual aim is to be ONE with all of creation.

I did a magic spell with a green candle and various oils and herbs. It has already shown itself to be working and in a few weeks I will be receiving more money than I asked for. This alone made makes me feel awesome as my manifestation skills have finally proven to work.

Now to work with an entity but still reserved as a few guys on YouTube mentioned to not give any blood to any entity.

Any thoughts on this…

P.s sorry for long post but just thought of another question.

I’ve tried to call on my guardian angels etc with no answers or anything, it feels like they are ignoring my calls.

Isit true that when calling an ancient god they usually always answer your calls? If so why isit that “angels” are illusive and don’t answer whilst “demons” are somewhat happy to work with you can see you advance spiritually?

It’s like it’s all backwards

Blood is life force. It is power.[quote=“Cajunjay, post:1, topic:19359”]
as our actual aim is to be ONE with all of creation.
No. Our aim is to control creation. Not to simply become one with it.[quote=“Cajunjay, post:1, topic:19359”]
I’ve tried to call on my guardian angels etc with no answers or anything, it feels like they are ignoring my calls.
I don’t like Angels. Evoke your guardian demon instead.[quote=“Cajunjay, post:1, topic:19359”]
as a few guys on YouTub
That isn’t where you should be getting your magickal knowledge from. Credible Sources. Please. Most Youtubers are deluded weaklings. EA isn’t. Find people you know you can trust.

Its tasty. :neutral_face:

I guess because its the physical medium of our life force, or something.

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The blood isn’t only your life force power but it’s more than that, taking your blood is an act of dedication too.

The pain and process of taking the blood out of your body is also a sacrifice, including the bloods power.

Plus your blood doesn’t only hold your power, but it holds the power of your ancestors.

So the sacrifice you give are :

Pain, dedication, ancestors power, life force and energy.

So you’re giving five sacrifices all in one just by giving one drop of blood, this is why it’s so potent and powerful.


Thanks for the replies

Okay just listening to random magicians on YouTube isn’t the best idea I agree.

Thanks for clearing up why a Demon would want our blood, it’s a sacrifice and a potent life force.

I don’t like Angels either, for the simple fact they don’t show up when IVe called in them.

In intrigued how to call on your guardian demon, is there such a thing or you pulling my leg?

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Of course there is.

Same way you call anything.[quote=“Cajunjay, post:1, topic:19359”]
Isit true that when calling an ancient god they usually always answer your calls?
Only if you know what you are doing. Evocation is a systematic process.

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Can you please elaborate? Isn’t charging a sigil and chanting the enn/entity name usually enough to bring them forth?

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A full physical evocation requires both the Theta Gamma Sync and the Rapture. Structuring is also required along with some sort of manifestation base…


Omg i just put this in my own post last night lol.

Ah fair enough… I thought you were simply talking about calling the spirit and them actually coming… fair enough then!!

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I would love to see a physical manifestation.

My meditations are pretty deep and still now, so the theta gamma sync I should be able to do. The rapture part will need to be worked on.

I’m seriously considering taking this path but just don’t want to be like a few guys on here who have not evoked any entity but been trying for years.

If that was the case I would rather go meet E.A Koetting in person and have him show me the ropes first hand.

Manifesting the money to meet him would be my next goal.

@Cajunjay Start with a black pyramid. Send energy through your hands and shape the static that you see during the Theta Gamma Sync. Once you can see the aura of the pyramid in front of you that will be the first step towards progress. Eventually you will be able to actually see the pyramid. Trust me on that. Then you can move on to structuring more complex forms.


The rapture is the final stage of tgs


Regarding the black pyramid, can I simply draw this with a marker and colour it in?

I have been meditating for quite a few years and the TGS from what I’ve read and been told by experienced magicians on here is that it’s the static rain state.

This is pretty easy to reach, just takes a minute or so… Now the rapture part. Many times in meditation with eyes open the static rain becomes visible then a yellow pattern on the walls and ceiling. Now the mind is quiet I must further relax and a fog starts to appear, my bed sheets start to have a shimmer of light.
Usually at this point the mind kicks in and I’m back to the static rain again.

The rapture I may have witnessed many times with eyes closed, this is where the body starts to fill with energy, so much energy that my hmmmmm muscle between the genatils contracts as energy is rushing up the spine.

This is very intense and maybe this is the rapture part, I cannot be sure. I’ve just been lost once reaching this state as no idea what to do except “take” the massive energy surge.

Just glad that my years of kundalini meditation has and will help out immensely in this endeavour.

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I dont have any process as yet.

Just working on my ability to hold my TGS and familiarise myself with the rapture state.

Once I’ve got that sorted I will pluck up the balls to evoke a spirit that will ease me into this if one exists.

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You don’t “see” a physical manifestation. You FEEL a physical manifestation on a physical level by interacting with the spirit. You also feel the spirits presence on a level that triggers an emotional response through the currents of energy it releases towards you.

As I see it, there’s a linguistic fallacy between physical and visual manifestation. These words needs to be separated.