Why do demons seem to give it to you for no reason?

They give you what you want even if I didn’t want it to 100%, just wanted to see if it works/what it’ll be like. Most spirits grant you only when you need it, not the case with demons in my experience, why is this and do they need something in return or something

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You already gave them something. Your attention and energy by contacting them. They want more of that, that’s most of it, the rest is icing.

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It’s never without a reason, even if you’re not aware of the reason, and it depends on the demon. Some do it for simply the energy, some do it for some offering or another, some for deeper reasons each of which they will benefit just as you would.


Why does people answer your question? Various reasons.They are the same.Can go from an agreement/pact to full boredom.


I second this , if someone knows a spirit provides a consistent service , they will likely go back to that spirit for more

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Aa ok that’s how demons are…

Ooo ok

Maybe they just like you 🤷

I think it kinda depends on what you’re needing/wanting. If you’re base needs are met and some of your wants, it can up the bar on the efforts needed to fulfill the next thing.

Maybe they want to show that the can be of value to you and are gathering some of the low-hanging fruit to show this? Maybe they’re using it as a calling card to get you to make further, deeper contact with them?

Lot of context missing to really get an idea of what you’re talking about.