Why do Demons help with some things and not others?

Like a demon may help you inflict a curse on someone for nothing but praise. Or may help you sleep with a girl for nothing but praise. But wont help you at all with certain request or sleeping with a different woman… And can you grow in their favor? And how?

The same way you grow in favor with humans, you befriend them and develop a bond. Each individual entity.

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Most of the time they wont help with things like that and think I’m just being petty and if I really want it I need to do it myself.

You have to learn the right way to ask the questions and even then what you desire is sent out as a vibration as the authentic you speaks.
No distractions, no doubt, fully engrossed in your outcome.

There are so many layers of you and all of you should be in alignment for a sincere petition so that the authentic you truly speaks.

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There’s a ton of subtlty. As said above, their affinity to you is a big deal.

I’ve recently experienced amazing results just calling to them in the name of Belial with other divine names …while driving. I was on a road trip to a town 2 hours away and Bathin helped me get through Sicario (Juarez Mexico) earlier this year. I was concerned with my car for some reason so I called out to him.

No formal ritual structure, just his sigil on my phone and a basic calling.

I also asked him for amazing confidence during the call and …well I got exactly what I asked for. I’ll do an official writeup because I was lead to a new open girlfriend prospect in the most insanlely audatious way you could think of.

Didn’t take candles of a certain color on the 3rd hour of Daffy Duck in the house of the Ophecius prarie. Just a calling to a demon who helped me when I made a last minute call before and he reached out and helped me again in a spectacular way.

There’s a lot of factors and I think asking for things that are more likely to happen as you build a relationship with them really helps.

I called on Bael to conceal me while transporting my car to a shop 45 minutes away when I was getting it legal at first. Didn’t have a plate and it was dangerous to drive it that far. Got there safely and he’s hidden me any time I need to (brake light out? Someone steal your plate and you need to be somewhere ASAP? King Bael rules and has never let me down.)

Start small, and build gradually. Eventually you’ll have huge results dropped in your lap. Oh, and they will always influence minds and hearts when they can. Much easier than anything else to work with