Why do demons and gods and others not protect the innocent?

As the title says, why do not they protect the innocent?

This week I saw a case of a man who raped a baby of 2 weeks, you can talk about the parents that they should protect, more and when it is not possible for them to do it, because these great gods do not protect these innocent little ones?

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There aren’t any “great gods” above humans that can do that. That’s an excuse to avoid personal responsibility. Might as well ask yourself why you didn’t stop it, since you are a god too, we all are.
Ask why the man, another sleeping god, did it and wasn’t enlightened enough to not violate another and not bring down the vibration of the whole planet a notch.

There is only one golden rule on this planet, and that is free will, which means, shit happens. (I don’t agree with the ‘everything happens for a reason’ and ‘we all volunteered to all the shit we get’ ideas, i don’t see how you can have it both ways, free-will and all-reasoned).

Now ask why there is so much low energy going on. Ask why the bad Includes things like the cabal doing all they can to control and keep humans like that parisitised and/or asleep and committing atrocities…

The atrocities have two effects. For some, they act acts to help keep others focused on the pain and in low vibrations, sleeping. For others, it activates compassion and makes them question how to make this better.

Playing the Blame game doesn’t help, rather, look to take responsibility to be part of the solution. Ascent for all. Since you’re here i guess you’re already doing the latter, no?


I agree in parts, and with regard to parents too, I still do not understand why a guy like Belial or Paimon for example could not protect a baby from an aggression like this, made by a cowardly human.

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This assume these entites get involved in peoples lives unbidden for no reason. Which the answer to will vary dependings on your views of karma- cause and effect includong and spanning past the current life and reincarnation or if you have a view of reality that includes these.

The various answer you get to this question will be entirely subjective based on the individual base assumptions that each person has as to how reailty works.


If this happened close to me I would have given a good spanking to this guy.

Do the beings protect every insect, animal, microbe, etc because they are threatened?

Life is what it is… survival and sometimes things are pretty terrible. I don’t fall with those that say our “spirit family” helps us decide on what our life will follow on reincarnation. I don’t know what spirit would ever choose to be abused, raped, tortured in life from birth. What choice is that? Dude on George Noraay last night. Damn bullocks!

Spirits can teach or show and maybe aid you but saving your life… eh I’m not convinced entirely.


Also that was my love and light version :slight_smile:
There’s darker stuff I vaguely introduced but just don’t feel like going into today. Maybe someone else will.


Most nonhuman spirits view majority of humanity with indifference as I understand it, practitioners of magical arts being a slight exception due to more interaction with them and the slight possibility of ascension. Asking them to save innocent humans is like asking you to save specific ants in a colony.


@Akashiel So they look at the babies being abused there, like fuck shit if it’s not so different from the rulers of this planet.

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This hasn’t been my experience in general but i have noticed this general point of view arising from people who come into the occult from background in monotheistic religions if they go straight to working with demons and what not.

Over time my views have grown more polytheistic and holographic in nature.

And before anyone tries to come to a superficial conclusion my views are " love and light" look into my old posts :alien:

I went from working with norse gods and spirits of the dead from when I was very young, and included other deities and demons in my teens. Only monotheistic influence on me was mom when I was growing up. I myself don’t really care about humanity all that much so possibility of projection is there, but this is the impression I got. Of course I never really went out of my way to get a specific spirits opinions on the matter

I might get a lot of shit for this but…they aren’t protectors. Can they protect you? Sure. Are they protective? Of course. However, expecting them to is like carving out a role for beings that we know little about aside from what they reveal to us, or from knowledge that’s been handed down.

There could be a lot of other things going on from a cosmological standpoint that I’m sure dwarfs something like “protecting the innocent” in the grand scheme of things. Plus, we still don’t know for sure why they even bother to meddle in our affairs to begin with.

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what makes you think Gods and Demons are all Goodie Goodie types. There are Dark Gods who do dark stuff. Thats all. Existence is not good nor are the divinities. Hard truth . ANd if you inspect deeper U will find that even in those kind of barbaric act there is purity/goodness hidden. And in the most Light oriented Entities, there is a darkness . Existence is fucking complex my friend. Believe me it gets really dark once U look deep into it.


7 billion people in this world and when we don’t care of innocents then it is kinda wrong to shift blame on gods,angels,demons and other spirits.
You see where I’m getting at?
Don’t be a white knight when there is only one soul worth saving-and it is your own.
This is pure logic and nothing metaphysical about my response.

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there are hard core new agers who say that abused babies are “just paying for something” (karma). I find this attitude very ugly. I think that a lot of them adopt this mindset so that they do not have to help anyone. It might also be a psychological defense mechanism, to protect against feeling unprotected in a bad world.


About the Christian POV: for God, afterlife may be more important than earth events; but if “we” mean that He’s good and omnipotent for real, the classic doubt holds true.
Concerning instead a theory: spirits of accident and murder’s victims who become protectors against these instances, obviously the efficacy is limited (even expecting it in a reasonable, certainly not absolute way).

I think we’re talking about compassion, right?