Why did you go down the Left Hand Path? What has caught your attention?

I like to philosophize and question popular concepts on life and human nature. It’s more than mere interest. I feel like I have to. I’ve always had a habit where if I didn’t like something, I’d try to challenge it or recreate it. I couldn’t do this in Wicca, and certainly can’t do this as a Christian. But, the left hand path not only allows me, but provides plenty of material to work with. One of my favorite philosophical writers is Anton Lavey. I don’t think we’d get along if we met, but I find his ideas to be challenging, and I often find myself adding to them.

Plus, I am legitamately intrigued by Dark Gods and Demons. Always have been since I was a kid, despite being raised Christian.


I don’t follow a particular path, I think I’m just figuring things out. But I don’t care about working with demons (or the possibility of working with demons) because I’m still mostly an atheist, which I assume is not that different from people who comes here after 30 years of christianity, except that I don’t carry the idea that demons are things of pure eviiiiiil who wants to hurt me.


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you are free to think and do whatever you want with your life, the right hand path pll don’t let you even masturbate or have sex before marriage

I only got as far as reading about left hand path, but after seeing how people act when they follow it turned me off of it. (not everyone but a handful) kept seeing so much “embrace darkness my brothers and sister” or “aaaah demons master race!” type comments and it got too roleplay to me, RHP wasn’t that bad. So I kind of just don’t claim either lol.


Best piece of advice I’ve gotten about this topic is that a left or right handed magician is precisely half a magician.

This sage advice pulled me out of RHP mindset and into a couple of LHP disciplines, along with the fact that some guys just piss me off :wink:

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Some of them try too hard to be “dark” and “evil” to the point of being cartoonish.

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Why did you go down the Left Hand Path?

It’s beautiful, powerful, truthful, liberating, revealing, timeless, endless and so much more. Is it LEFT, who knows LOL

What has caught your attention?

Specifically the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, they came through as so much more than anyone has ever written or could possibly write. I chose to work with them because each embodies a different aspect of all. I strive to truly understand them and be open to their teachings whatever form that takes.


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Here, some dark and evil cartoon wizards. Feel free to use and modify them for avatars if you are so inclined. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t really want to go down the left hand path, become this “evil” wizard and all of that, but eventually I was forced into some hard choices about what is important to me, and summoning demons just seemed like the lesser evil. If calling up demons, asking them for favors and being their friend makes me a “bad person.” then so be it. If the rest of you haven’t noticed, people’s idea of what is morally correct has been in a lot of flux recently, all the more reason to work with demons.


I started with the Joy of Satan system, so I thought that demons were good :laughing: Now I see them as really good investors.


For me…I really don’t know when my “moment” was, it just kind of evolved into my field of view.

The reason, though, is because of balance. I DO believe in God, but not a Christian God type. I believe in God more as The All. As a result of this belief, I believe that as The All, God therefore encompasses just that—ALL! Meaning light and dark, good and evil, holiness and filth, etc…

I work with Demons (well, Demon…just Lucifer right now) but I also practice a traditional African religion that some might consider “RHP”, but to me they go together. Lucifer has helped me understand that Demons are focused on burning away ignorance, fear, confusion etc (and they do this at the direction of God/Source) …all of which is involved in building character…and character is the very thing that my African tradition focuses on…just with different methods. So to me it goes together.

All that said, I don’t consider my self “RHP” or “LHP”… I consider myself following the “MHP” (Middle Hand Path) or “GP” (Gray Path) as I call it…

It is all about balance to me, and I think that people on either extreme have a tendency to be quite imbalanced…(I do too! Lol constantly working on that. lol!!!)

I fully support this comment! What I have noticed is that many people who are self professed “LHP” are really just a bunch of people who are angry and depressed and feel unwanted or misunderstood and oppressed by society…so they think the answer is let me work with demons and LHP and curse the world, working for The Devil! Let us bring down the kingdom of God!!! These people don’t need demons and LHP and magick etc…they need therapists. I don’t say this in a rude or condescending way. I mean this in the sense that they are hurt and broken, which is ok…and they need healing. I mean to say that just because they come to LHP, it will not automatically fix their problems, in fact it can be a danger to making them worse. If LHP is your thing, that’s cool…but it can’t take the place of DEALING with your issues.

I have found so far that spirits bring to you what you bring to them. If you are coming…broken, confused, angry, and with curses and ill intent on your mind…that is the side of themselves that they will show you…but if you come with love, healing, and growth on your mind…they will bring that side of themselves to you…and you will have a greater experience. I don’t care if you work with demons or angels or any other spirit.

I find it very important that everyone understands this point: WHATEVER you practice, be is RHP, LHP, working with demons, working with Norse Gods…WHATEVER…,practice it because in your heart and soul you believe that it is TRUE for you…not because you are ANGRY at Christianity. If you live your life, do your path work, and ascend etc…as a refutation of Christianity or any other religion that you are “escaping” from…you are still controlled by that religion and it’s chains. If, however you do these things (Demons, Ritual, LHP etc…) not out of rebellion against the establishment, but out of love of the entities and knowing that they are the TRUTH for you, not seeking to “use them” or “control” them or getting them to do your bidding and curse every person that looks at you side ways, then, you are TRULY FREE of that religion, and this way you can actually build a relationship with them and experience the fullness of their blessings!



It began with seeing Demon portraits, reading about their powers and the possibility to call, see and talk with them.
More recently ( the above was when I still was at primary school :neutral_face: ) I performed the “Call to rising gods of our age” feeling a massive amount of power, and in general I like the openness about sex and money (although sometimes it happens to read sorta RHP things; I’m all for spirituality but, well, maybe not literally “all”…)
Also prefer becoming above worshipping God, even though all of this is included in my attempt to follow the so called Middle Path.

I started reading and I felt ‘‘cozy’’ with that, it was like I was avoiding who I Am…So now I want my power back! I don’t have fear inside me anymore about the unknown…respect but not fear!

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I was always attracted to dark themes, but lived most of my life thinking rationally and that nothing of this was real. But one day, Satan called me. He showed me the door and pushed me in. Then I stayed in the path to destroy my enemies, gain power and knowledge, which is working quite nice I must say. Now I fully believe in magick, and I find it quite entertaining.


When I was 13 years old i saw a person in my dreams but everything feelt so real I asked his name he said lucifer that was the first time I know about demons.he feelt to me like a guide and I know that he keeps me save.i learned more and more about them and that they are kind ,understanding and protective when you know them longer.and now I am 7 years later and I still work with them.because they know how it is to walk in the dark.

I wouldnt say im an LHP magickian, but I have had to confront and learn that no one is going to save me or fix my problems but myself.

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This is the path I have always known. I have always been authentic, which is the bane of the Right Hand Path. I own my power. I can see people giving their power to Jesus only to ask for it back, it’s lunacy. Christianity is a slave owners religion. It’s in my best interests to leave it at that. We all see through Christianity like glass, no need to get everybody all riled up about it.

I mean, unless you wanna haha.

Search for power.

Freedom and personal power, the need to know myself and master myself and my reality. I didn’t plan to walk it, it turned out that way. Best thing ever imo.

No idea what the RHP is all about.

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So I was raised in a Southern Baptist church, scared in to saying whatever I could to get the preachers and deacons to quit screaming that I “would go to hell and burn with the sinners” if I didn’t change my ways. My grandmother had my sister and I in church every Sunday and Wednesday when my parents needed someone to keep us. Keep in mind that I was very young. Around the age of 9, I started asking my mother questions because the sermons I heard every week didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t know at the time what I believed, but I knew it wasn’t what I was hearing on Sundays. She dug out several RHP books that she had had for several years and told me to read them, to see if that made more sense to me. I took some time, read through the books, and still had questions. It made slightly more sense than the sermons, so I started actively searching more books on the subject and explored spiritually. Around the time I was 17, one of my friends gave me their copy of The Satanic Bible. To make a long story short, that aligned with more of my personal beliefs and then after extensive internet surfing, so found BALG! I have to say, I have never been more spiritual in my entire life. This forum has been so helpful in finding my own path.